FRESH DROP: Cong Clothing Releases New Streetwear Collection

Cong Clothing once again changed the game for local streetwear brands as they dropped their newest Street Collection vol.1.

Here’s a quick overview of the collection, along with the details and designs you shouldn’t miss.

Street Collection Vol. 1

On August 8, Cong Clothing released a new collection, “Street Collection Vol.1,” inspired by local street fashion.

Together with Burong, Dudut Lang, Steve Wijayawickrama, Awi Columna, and Geng Geng, Cong Clothing made a superb photo catalog.

All thanks to Cong TV’s editor, Ephraim Abarca, for a film-inspired shoot that evoked a streetwear vibe for the collection. 

As usual, the shirt contains minimalist designs that are perfect for every occasion. The legendary Team Payaman sign never goes out of style and is ideal for everyday use.

The colorways of the said collection are black and white, which also explains why it was called “streetwear” — timeless, you’ll never go wrong!

If you find black your go-to color, you can never go wrong with the new “Team PYMN” variant.

Of course, the OG “Team Payaman” text logo is also printed on the white variant, giving you that clean look.

Get Yours Now

You’re in for a surprise because the Street Collection vol.1 of Cong Clothing is now available in selected areas!

This much-anticipated collection from Cong TV is the latest talk of the town; therefore, you should treat yourself to the best clothing piece you can wear anytime!

A fashion and investment in one! This is how Cong Clothing envisions its pieces, making every piece versatile for any occasion.

Cong Clothing’s official resellers nationwide are now accepting orders for the Stree Collection; make sure to check out the nearest one and order as soon as possible, as stocks are selling fast!

To order, visit Cong Clothing’s Facebook page to contact the nearest reseller within your city!

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