Cong Clothing Drops Newest ‘LOWKEY and LOUD’ Collection

If you’re looking for a shirt to complete your aesthetic fit check, Cong TV’s clothing apparel line has got you covered. 

Cong Clothing recently released another limited edition collection named “Lowkey and Loud” with four refreshing designs. 


Team Payaman is not just a brand. It’s a mindset.” This is the message that the “Loud” collection would like to emphasize in its new designs. 

Covered with the “TEAM PYMN” logo from front to back, it is accompanied by the iconic feature of the message that says:

Team Payaman is not just a brand. It’s a mindset focused on positive outcomes and successes rather than dwelling on financial fears or failures. It’s not about ‘how to get rich’ rather, it suggests that people’s thoughts tend to attract similar results. You create your own reality. What you focus on is what you draw into your life. It suggests that what you believe will happen in your life.. is what does happen.”

If you have the same mindset as the Team Payaman members and are proud of it, this new Loud design is definitely for you! The ‘Loud’ collection is available in 2 different colors: navy blue and choco brown.


The ‘Lowkey’ collection is perfect for you if you’re into a more minimalist style.  

This collection offers two designs and colors: Black Embroidered and White Embossed Print. 

Lowkey – Black Embroidered has the Cong Clothing’s white-colored “TEAM PYMN” logo on its round neck, the iconic payaman peso sign on the lower left part, and the “Team Payaman Collection” tag at the back. 

Meanwhile, the White Embossed Print has the black-colored “TEAM PYMN” logo on its shoulders, a large iconic payaman peso sign at the upper right back part, along with the “Team Payaman Collection” tag.

Get Yours Now! 

All designs from the new Lowkey and Loud collection are gender-neutral and easy to style and pair with any outfit. So make sure to get yours now!

Interested buyers may order this collection from Cong Clothing’s official Facebook page, where you can also see the complete list of official distributors and resellers from different areas of the country.

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