3 Times Ivy, Viy, and Yiv Cortez Prove They Have the Strongest Siblings Bond

Aside from having their own line of businesses, the Cortez sisters are also being praised for their unmatched bonding.

Here are three of the many times Ivy, Viy, and Yiv Cortez touched us with their own way of showing affection towards each other.

Viy’s Bridal Shower

The best and probably the most tear-jerking surprise Viy Cortez received from her sisters Ivy Cortez-Ragos and Yiv Cortez was when they flew to Thailand for her surprise bridal shower.

Along with other Team Payaman girls, Ivy and Yiv secretly flew to Bangkok to surprise Viy with their presence and a night full of fun activities.

In Vien Velasquez’s recent vlog, Ivy excitedly shared that she is confident that Viy will be shocked to see them abroad to surprise her.

“Alam kasi ni Viy na makunat kami sa pera, so iisipin n’ya na ‘Si Ate [pupunta ng Thailand]?’” Ivy shared.

In a Facebook post, Ivy exclaimed how fun and spontaneous their trip was: “Imposible, pero ginawang posible para sa’yo kapatid! ‘Nung sinabi ng TP girls na Thailand ang bridal shower, napaisip talaga kami ni Yiv kasi syempre ibang bansa!”

“Pero, sabi namin… bahala na! Go kami para sa’yo! Love ka namin, Viy!” Ivy added.

Debut Gift for Yiv

In April 2022, Viy’s youngest sister, Yiv Cortez, celebrated her 18th birthday with her friends and family.

As Yiv finally enters legality, her family has gifted her the debut celebration of her dreams, having her favorite KPop Girl Group as the theme of her pre-debut photoshoot.

Aside from her grand birthday celebration, Viy Cortez surprised her sister with another gift to help her start her business and aspirations.

In one of her vlogs, Viy shared how much she’s looking forward to seeing Yiv build her own business, which is now a food business called YIVA

“Ang sabi mo, naiinspire ka sa akin. At ang sabi mo, gusto mo ring mag-business, baka ito na ‘yung chance na makaisip ka kung ano ang gusto mong business,” the ever generous sister said.

Movie Dates

Of course, aside from out-of-the-country trips and expensive gifts, the Cortez sisters also go out on dates to maintain their relationship.

Earlier this year, Ivy, Viy, Yiv, and other Team Payaman members went on a viewing date of the blockbuster film Rewind.

Ivy expressed her gratitude to Viy for taking her and Yiv out on a spontaneous movie date. 

“Thank you Viy Cortez sa pa movie!” Ivy said, to which Viy replied: “Love you, ate!”

What’s your favorite Cortez Sisters-coded moment of Ivy, Viy, and Yiv? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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