Level up Your OOTD Game Using Hats as Seen on Team Payaman Girls

As the summer season continues, elevating your OOTDs can be challenging, especially with choosing the right pieces that give you protection against the harmful rays of the sun.

Who said you could not slay with headpieces on? Of course, you can, and here are some head protection styling pegs you can copy from your favorite Team Payaman girls!

Viy’s Straw Hat

Soon-to-be-wife Viy Cortez recently amazed netizens with her sizzling hot-themed prenup photoshoot held in Balesin Island.

Viy’s neutral-colored straw hat made her look even more summery, emphasizing her summer outfit and hairstyle.

Streetwear Style ala Aki

Aki Angulo, Burong’s fiancé, is a living testament that showing some skin during summer will surely spice up your Instagram feed.

In addition to her Calvin Klein sports bra, denim jeans, and Nike Dunks, Aki achieved a streetwear vibe with her baseball cap. Effortless style, indeed!

Clouie’s Beach OOTD

Who said scarves are just for cover-ups? Take it from Clouie Dims: Scarves can also be used as hair accessories during a bikini day!

Paired with an all-black two-piece bikini, Clouie styled her beach OOTD with her hair down, covered with a scarf for added protection.

Winter Things ft. Abi

Headpieces are not just for summer, and Abigail Campañano-Hermosada proved that during her recent trip to Japan with her family.

Japan is known for its cold weather, so wearing a winter-friendly headpiece is necessary. Abi ensured that while providing safety from the cold weather, her winter headpiece never went out of style by pairing it with her earth-toned clothing pieces.

Chic Fit by Vien

Of course, how can we forget Team Payaman trendsetter, Vien Iligan-Velasquez with her summery-themed straw hat paired with street-style clothing pieces from the Thailand clothing brand Gentlewoman?

Apart from the styles mentioned above, Vien incorporated different styles into one outfit, making hers stand out and earning praise from her followers.

What’s your favorite TP girls’ fit leveled up with hats? Share with us your TP girls-inspired OOTDs in the comment section. 

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