How Luxe Slim Helped Viy Cortez in Her Journey as a First-Time Mom?

In celebration of Women’s Month, Viy Cortez shared her struggles as a woman, especially as a first-time mom, in a recent TikTok video

First-time mom struggles

According to the 27-year-old vlogger and entrepreneur, changes in the body were one of her main struggles when she got pregnant with Zeus Emmanuel Velasquez, a.k.a Kidlat. 

It could be recalled how Viy proudly flexed her post-pregnancy glow-up in a Facebook post with a recent selfie next to an old photo taken just a few months after giving birth to Kidlat, captioned with “Salamat sa pangalawang buhay Lord.”

Viy revealed that aside from trying several diets and exercises, Luxe Slim played a major role in her glow-up journey to achieve proper physical and mental growth. Luxe Slim is a dietary and beauty drink brand in the Philippines founded by Anna Magkawas.

The entrepreneur said that Luxe Slim helped her gain more self-confidence and achieve her weight goal for her most-awaited wedding with fiance Cong TV scheduled this year.

Bukod sa diet and exercise, nakatulong si Luxeslim sa’kin para bumalik ang confidence ko, and makuha ang goal weight before the wedding,” Viy said.

A salute to all women

Meanwhile, Viy did not miss the opportunity to honor her fellow mothers and women, especially those who persevere in any adversaries they face. 

“Saludo ako sa lahat ng kababaihan at mga first-time moms na ginagawa ang lahat sa makakaya nila.” 

Viy also left an inspirational message stating that no matter the challenges life throws, women can push thru and survive: “Malaki o maliit mang pagsubok ang dumating sa ating mga kababaihan, alam kong kayang-kaya natin ‘to.“

Watch her TikTok video (@viy.cortez) here:

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