Viy Cortez Sparks Inspiration on How Motherhood Humbled Her

Team Payaman vlogger Viy Cortez has been receiving compliments for her undeniable physical glow-up more than a year after giving birth to her and Cong TV’s son, Kidlat.

But behind her well-maintained physique is the hardship that the first-time mom experienced before her so-called “ultimate glow up,” and here’s what will surely inspire you from her journey.

“Pangalawang Buhay”

A recent Facebook post from Viy Cortez sparked the interest of many when she shared her humble journey to becoming the best version of herself.

The said post contained a recent selfie and photos of her months after giving birth to her son Zeus Emmanuel Velasquez, a.k.a Kidlat.

“Salamat sa pangalawang buhay, Lord!” Cortez wrote.

While many questioned how the vlogger/ entrepreneur achieved a goddess-like glow-up, Viy Cortez clarified that no amount of physical development will outdo her willingness to prioritize her kids’ welfare more than hers. 

“Kahit bumalik ako sa ganyan basta daladala ko anak namin go, go, go!” the 27-year-old mom added.

Viy iterated that as long as she can take care of her son and soon-to-be kids, no amount of browbeating can drag her down.

Meanwhile, when asked about the secret to achieving the “hugis bigas” face card that everybody dotes on, Viy said: “Tumaba lang po at sobrang nangitim mga leeg. Pinapa laser ko lang sya ngayon pero medyo maitim pa din.”

“Bukod sa pag-diet, try mo botox at mga machine. ‘Yan ginawa ko,” she added.

Touching Praises

Because of her unwavering love and dedication to self-care while attending to her obligations as a mom, supporters can’t help but adore Viy Cortez’s approach to motherhood. 

Sittie Bailets Ungka: “At least nung time na yan dinadala mo yung blessing nyo ni Cong!”

Joyce Virgines Paz: “Sarap mabuntis at maging Nanay.”

Monna Pioquinto Marquez: “Ganyan din naging itsura ko sa panganay [ko], sobrang taba at manas pero worth it naman habang lumalaki ,sobrang pogi naman ngayon kaya okay lang!”

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