Cong TV, FLAVA Corporation Gets Nomination at the 5th VP Choice Awards 

This article is sponsored by FLAVA Corporation.

Now in its 5th year, news and media company Village Pipol Magazine will hold its annual recognition of the biggest and brightest names in the industry.

Here’s how you can cast your votes for Team Payaman’s very own Cong TV and Team Payaman Fair’s co-presenter, FLAVA Corporation.  

5th VP Choice Awards

Village Pipol Magazine is the first FREE Multimedia Magazine that talks about travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and technology.

Aside from producing content for its audiences, Village Pipol is known for its VP Choice Awards, the most followed and engaged annual award events.

VP Choice Awards is an award-giving body that recognizes the biggest and brightest names in the travel, lifestyle, technology, and entertainment industry, wherein the people get to decide who will bag the recognition through online voting.

Back-to-back Nominations

Last year, YouTube vlogger Viy Cortez and her very own makeup line, VIYLine Cosmetics, were nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year and Beauty Cosmetic Brand of the Year.

This year, Viy Cortez’s fiancé, Cong TV, is the only male content creator nominated as the YouTuber of the Year!

Meanwhile, Team Payaman Fair’s co-presenter, FLAVA Corporation, was also nominated under the E-Cigarette of the Year category.

Show the Chicken Feet Gang blood in you! Don’t miss the chance to show your support to the one and only Cong TV and FLAVA Corporation at this year’s VP Choice Awards.

Voting will open on March 5, 2024, and ends on April 5, 2024, so make sure to cast your votes on or before these dates!

Don’t forget to visit their website once voting goes live and to learn more about Village Pipol’s annual recognition event.  

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