VIYLine Media Group Explores Digital Marketing and Entertainment Through IMMAP DigiCon 2023: Digimax

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) successfully kicks off its three-day DigiCon 2023 conference on October 18, 2023, at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City. 

Members of VIYLine Media Group (VMG) are one of the lucky delegates to participate in the flagship event created for the country’s marketing, advertising, digital, and media professionals. 

DigiCon 2023: Digimax

With a theme of DIGIMAX, this year’s DigiCon focuses on the importance of digital entertainment, online community, e-commerce, and gaming. It aims to open up to new knowledge and ideas with the latest digital trends, appreciate digital entertainment from a new perspective, and unlock its full potential. 

IMMAP DigiCon 2023 featured keynote presentations from industry game changers like the award-winning Matthew Luhn from Pixar Animations Studios; Ronnie Del Carmen, a Filipino animator who worked behind the epic animation films like “Up” and “Inside Out;”  Mark Joyner, CEO and Founder of Simpleology, and many more.  

Different trade booths from sponsors showcasing the latest technology and platforms are also present during the three-day conference. 


Delegates from VMG happily shared their thoughts on the very insightful event, which opened their minds to more ideas and potential for the team. 

“Attending the Immap Digimax 2023 is a strategic investment in going ahead with immersive digital marketing trends and technologies. It can definitely help Viyline Media Group to remain future-proof. This event gives us a unique chance to learn and implement cutting-edge strategies and to network for long-term business success.” – Via Bagabaldo, Sr. Video Editor/ Graphic Artist.

“Participating in this seminar has been an enriching experience, broadening my horizons and providing valuable insights. I look forward to applying the knowledge gained to enhance my personal and professional growth.” – Charlie Cortez, Video Editor.

“Joining DigiCon 2023 is like opening a basket of knowledge in the modern era. It is great to learn the best practices of the industry’s top creative players, which can guide us to navigate the future trends in the modern digital era.” – Alvin Yambao, Sr. Graphic Artist/ IT Head.

“DigiCon 2023 was all about improving marketing strategies. Our team was supplemented with ideas on how to use data, create personalized customer experiences, and make the most out of new tech to stay competitive in the marketing landscape. This opportunity made clear that keeping up with the latest trends and being innovative is crucial for success in today’s digital marketing landscape.” – Karol Louie Mañalac, Marketing Manager.

The team was also very grateful to VIYLine Group of Companies’ management for allowing them to learn and explore the potential of digital entertainment and digital marketing. 

“Without a doubt, digital entertainment is now part of our daily lives. Our DigiCon 2023 exposure made me realize that every content that passes through our online feed should not only be entertaining but could tell an impactful story to each viewer. Thanks to this experience, we can better improve VMG’s online content and aim to inspire others with our stories.” – Kath Regio, Entertainment News Head.

“Thank you, Ms. Viy Cortez and Sir Rolando Cortez, for the wonderful opportunity to attend the IMMAP DigiCon 2023. It was an unforgettable experience, and I’m truly thankful for the knowledge and insights I gained from the speakers. I am excited to apply the new ideas and strategies to my professional endeavors.” – Jas Lacandula, Creative Director.

“Viyline Media Group is now extending or going beyond borders, and giving us an opportunity to join DigiCon 2023 is such a great experience to expand our knowledge and creativity. Thank you to our very own CEO, Ms. Viy Cortez, and General Manager, Mr. Rolando B. Cortez!” – Tin Piamonte, Assistant General Manager/ Viyline Media Group OIC.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cortez emphasized that this conference is part of training Viyline’s future leaders to bring the company to greater heights.

“Reaching the goal and dream of the future must be prepared today. Creating people as leaders needs knowledge and skills; that’s why the Viyline management decided to invest in this kind of seminar, which is unfamiliar to many. On personal notes, the conference helped me realize, enlighten, and know more about the right pathway to success in the industry we are in today.” – Rolando Cortez, General Manager.

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