VIY Eco-Friendly: How to Recycle Products You Purchase at VIYLine Pop Store?

This International Earth Month, be environmentally responsible using various VIYLine products you can purchase exclusively at the VIYLine Pop Store.

Read on as Viyline Media Group (VMG) offers ideas on how to VIY eco-friendly by transforming your used VIYLine products and their containers into more sustainable items. 

King Sisig in a Jar

Planting your own fruits and vegetables is one way to be eco-friendly, which you can easily do with King Sisig in a Jar’s glass jar. 

Once you’ve consumed any of the three variants of the King Sisig in a Jar, you can carefully wash it and use it as a plant vase for vegetables like tomatoes. All you need are soil, seeds, water, and sunlight; you can already have your mini-garden at home. 

The jar can also be used as a vase for aesthetic flowers designed for your home tabletop or a pen holder on your study desk. King Sisig’s jar certainly has a lot of sustainable potential!


After devouring Yiv Cortez’s delicious and affordable Lasagna and Bibingka goodies from YIVA, did you know that you can also reuse the container instead of disposing of it? 

Once carefully washed, it can be used as an organizer for small makeup products like lip tints, which can easily fit in your cabinet. You can also use it as a pantry container to store food like candies and small biscuits.

TP Tints

If you are a fashionista mom with an artistic child,  VIYLine Cosmetics’ TP Tints has your back. 

Once your super pigmented TP Tints reach their expiry date, your kikay kids can still use them to dress up their own Barbie dolls or paint on paper or coloring books. Just make sure to give them proper guidance during playtime. 

Glimmer powder

No electricity? No problem! If you want an aesthetic candle holder, VIYLine Cosmetics’ Glimmer Powder container is perfect! 


If you are a solid Team Payaman or VIYLine fan, you surely have a lot of product collections with you! Consider donating some of your old TP merch, TP Kids toys, or clothing, especially to those in need.  

See you soon!

Need to restock your favorite VIYLine items after recycling the old ones? Skip the shipping fee and visit VIYLine Pop Store’s third stop at Vista Mall Taguig from April 19 to 28, 2024. It will be open Monday through Thursday from 10 AM to 9 PM and Friday through Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Watch the video here:


Nag-shopping galore ka lang sa VIYLine Pop Store, makakatulong ka pa kay Mother Earth. Learn how to VIY Eco-friendly! 🍃 VIYLineMediaGroup ViylineSkincare ViylineCosmetics TPKids KingSisigInAJar IvysFeminity

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