TONI TALKS: Toni Gonzaga, Pinaiyak si Viy Cortez?

Who would’ve expected that YouTube stars Toni Gonzaga and Viy Cortez’s collaboration would come this early?

In a recent post, the soon-to-be-mom shared some snippets of her guesting at “Toni Talks,” hosted by the one and only Ultimate Multimedia Star, Toni Gonzaga. 

With all excitement, join the VIYLINE Media Group (VMG) as we tell you why this is a dream come true for our very own CEO, Ms. Viy Cortez. 

A Milestone for VIYLine

To say that the 25-year-old entrepreneur, Viy Cortez is grateful is an understatement. Finally, in the flesh, the best-selling products of VIYLine Cosmetics and VIYLine Skincare found their way to Toni Gonzaga-Soriano.

With all enthusiasm and excitement, Viy shared a photo of the “My Amnesia Girl” star finally holding VIYLine products for her to try.

“Grabe ang tuwa ko at nakarating kay Ma’am Toni ang VIYLine Cosmetics at Skincare!” was just the words Viy used to contain her excitement.

We’re pretty sure everyone’s excited to know Toni G’s feedback regarding the products, and once we’ve found out, you’ll be the first to know!

Ninang Toni G?

With all the preparations for the birth of Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s first baby, the soon-to-be-parents are planning and organizing things as early as now, especially in choosing Baby Kidlat’s godparents.

With no pun intended, the preggy YouTube star humbly shared that she asked Toni G to be Kidlat’s ninang.

“Kinuha ko ninang si maam Toni hahahaha, abangan nyo sa vlog!” Viy Cortez added on the comments section of her post.

Let’s all watch out for Viy Cortez’s vlog with Ms. Toni G to witness this exciting invitation!

Netizens Are Excited Too!

Following her surprising post, netizens likewise shared their excitement for this collaboration.

Mylinne Coral: “You deserve [it], Viy! Excited for this.”

Ash Milanes: “Exciting! For sure, trending yan madam [I] can’t wait! 

Khriz Perez: “Halaaaa ❤️ Super sikat ka na talaga 😊 I saw you from scratch sinubaybayan na kita then now charaaan ❤️ You’re truly blessed Ms. Viy! Ingats kayo n kidlat” 

Watch out for Toni Talks featuring Viy Cortez

Collaborating with Toni Gonzaga-Soriano only means you get to be part of the most talked-about YouTube series, Toni Talks, which featured Viy Cortez.

VMG also learned that our very own CEO shed tears during the interview. What made Viy let her guard down? 

Let’s all find out soon and watch out for their heartfelt interview on Toni Gonzaga Studio YouTube Channel soon.

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