Viy Cortez is Snake Brand Philippines’ Newest Ambassador

The secret’s out! Thailand-based hygiene brand, Snake Brand officially welcomes Team Payaman vlogger Viy Cortez as their newest brand ambassador.

Here’s some exciting stuff from Viy Cortez’s and Snake Brand Philippines that you should look out for!

Snake Brand PH

Just this year, Thailand-based hygiene brand, Snake Brand entered the Philippine market with the goal of bringing Thailand skincare to the country.

In an Instagram post, the team shared the inspiration behind their brand: “By a snake when it slithers sickly with heat, and a hiss-torical warrior comes, aiming its arrow at the sickly snake, curing its discomfort from the prickly heat.”

The brand promotes healthy hygiene by “unleashing your cool” in three easy steps: cleansing, dusting, and spraying the heat away with Snake Brand products.

Snake Brand initially dropped its first product: the Prickly Heat Cooling Powder, made to provide a refreshing and soothing powder perfectly suitable for the country’s humid weather. 

This TikTok-famous product is made with a signature blend of natural herbs. It also provides instant relief from prickly heat, skin irritations, and excessive sweating.

Alongside the Prickly Heat Cooling Powder are other products such as Prickly Heat Cooling Mist, and the Prickly Heat Classic Cooling Soap, which are available both online and in-store.

Viy Cortez for Snake Brand PH

As a hands-on mom, Viy Cortez has been an avid user of Snake Brand’s Prickly Heat after it was dropped here in the Philippines.

The Prickly Heat Cooling Powder is Mommy Viy’s ally in protecting her son, Kidlat, and fellow housemates’ skin from the heat of summer. 

And of course, there’s no one better to represent Snake Brand Philippines than a mom who is an avid user of the products.

As the newest brand ambassador, Viy Cortez flew to Thailand for her endorsement photoshoot.

Some snippets of the photoshoot were also shared by Viy Cortez in a TikTok video uploaded earlier this month.

Just recently, Snake Brand Philippines announced that Viy Cortez is officially a SNAKE’S COOL MOM!

“Guys kahit kalahati lang ang mukha ko dito maraming salamat Snake Brand PH!! My new fam!” Viy penned in a post.

Watch out for more from the one and only Viy Cortez and Snake Brand! Don’t forget to follow their official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok shop to know more!

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