#perfectCONGVIYnation: Cong TV and Viy Cortez Sizzle in Balesin, Island Prenup Shoot

Just recently, soon-to-wed Team Payaman couple Cong TV and Viy Cortez visited Balesin Island to exclusively hold a sizzling hot, summer-themed prenup photoshoot.  

Their incredible physical transformation is just in time for a bold and fierce photoshoot. Kudos to the power couple for achieving a summer body in time for their upcoming wedding. 

The breathtaking photos featuring nature were made possible through the help of Cong and Viy’s dream team, which includes Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings, makeup artist Mariah Santos, stylist Geof Lagria, and coordinator Events by Miss P.

But before anything else, let’s look back at how the YouTube power couple reached this stage before their much-awaited wedding.

Their Firsts

Even before the peak of their vlogging career, Viy Cortez was an avid supporter of his long-time boyfriend, Cong TV.  Countless times, Viy had to spend watching Cong’s vlogs whenever she needed some mood boost after a tiring day.

A leaked conversation between the Team Payaman power couple in 2015 has been circulating the internet, gaining kilig much reactions from netizens.

Days after messaging each other, Cong asked Viy out on a date, which the couple still reminisce about as of today.

“Ito ang first date namin ni Cong wahahahahha. May 21, 2015,” Viy penned in a Facebook post.

Of course, where would this dating game lead? On June 17, 2015, Viy officially said YES to become Cong’s girlfriend. 

Miscarriage and Pregnancy

Cong and Viy became even stronger when fate tested their relationship when Viy had a miscarriage in December 2020, which Viy shared in her BLESSING vlog.

“Andami na naming pinlano ni Cong kasi sobrang saya namin. Kahapon [December 17], nakunan ako. Sobrang saglit lang. Pero ‘yung saglit na ‘yun, sobrang dami na naming na-plano ni Cong!” Viy shared.

Moving on from her miscarriage, another blessing filled the void that Cong and Viy had felt in longing for their unborn child. In November of the following year, Viy surprised Cong with another good news.

“Ibinigay n’ya [Diyos] sa akin ‘to. Gustong gusto ko na!” Cong happily shared in his PLASWAN vlog.

The couple also hosted a top-trending gender reveal party in 2022, where a rented helicopter blew out powders in color to reveal their child’s gender. Everyone rejoiced when a blue powder filled the air, signifying Cong and Viy’s firstborn was a boy. 

Happy Family

On July 5, 2022, the same day as Junnie Boy and Papa Shoutout’s birthday, the power couple welcomed their new angel, Zeus Emmanuel Cortez Velasquez, a.k.a Kidlat.

In October 2022, the day after Kidlat’s Christening and Cong TV’s 31st birthday celebration, the much-awaited wedding proposal finally happened.

Cong TV documented his top-trending proposal for his long-time girlfriend in a vlog called “VIYDAY.” 

Now that we are getting closer to the much-awaited Team Payaman wedding of the year, what are you most excited about the upcoming #perfectCONGVIYnation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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