Andador vs. Walker: Here’s Why Pat Gaspar and Boss Keng Prefers Andador for Baby Isla

Time flies so swiftly that Boss Keng and Pat Velasquez-Gaspar’s firstborn son, Isla Patriel, is strong enough to practice walking.

Ever wondered what helped Team Payaman babies learn to walk? Read on as we share why TP parents prefer andadors over walkers.

A Gift for Isla

In his recent vlog, Boss Keng shared a heart-touching moment of his son enjoying his surprise gift, a walker. As expected, Baby Isla couldn’t hide his giggles when he first rode his very first walker.

“May binili akong walker para sa kaniya [Isla], and sobrang saya n’ya,” the happy dad shared. 

Together with his parents, Baby Isla spent the rest of the night playing around with his new walker toy.

The next day, Mommy Pat also introduced Isla to andador, a native walker-like made from bamboo sticks, intended to help kids strengthen their legs as they practice walking.

The proud parents can’t help but clap in excitement as they first saw their son training to walk and run.

“Ang galing ah!” says Daddy Keng.

According to Mommy Pat, they find andadors more effective for training their child to walk.

Why Andadors?

In case you don’t know, Viy Cortez and Cong TV’s son, Kidlat, was also trained to walk using an andador.

Just like Boss Keng and Pat, Kidlat’s parents also believe that using andadors can help their kids navigate walking safely and effectively.

In a TikTok video, a netizen vouched for andadors as it was easier for their child to stand alone and practice walking.

“Kapag bibili kayo make sure na sakto yung height ng andador para sa baby [n’yo]” she added.

Meanwhile, a write-up also attests that walkers are quite unsafe for kids as they may have the chance to run quickly and touch electric wires, and sockets when unsupervised.

Watch the full vlog below:

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