Vienna Iligan Claps Back at Haters Accusing Her Sister Vien of Non-Support

A responsible mom, a loving wife, and a hands-on business owner are just some of the words best used to describe Team Payaman vlogger Vien Iligan-Velasquez. 

While some think Vien fails to support her family’s financial and emotional needs, Vien’s younger sister, Vienna Iligan, proves everyone wrong. 

Supportive Sister

Vienna Iligan, a young student content creator, happily shared some snippets from her day in a TikTok video when a comment from a netizen caught her attention.

In a separate TikTok video, Vienna Iligan bravely answered and proved an anonymous hate comment about her eldest sister, Vien Iligan-Velasquez, wrong.

@serena: “I don’t know but Vien doesn’t support you [Vienna] like Viy supports Yiv. Puro paretoke lang alam ni ate mo girl. So selfish!” 

While Vienna was told not to fight back, Vienna can’t help but address this issue once and for all to prevent more hate comments from arising.

“Ate Vien, alam ko magagalit ka pinatulan ko ‘to [hate comment] pero pa-isa lang pls hahahahaha last na ‘to promise,” Vienna jokingly said.

Vienna believes she has nothing to prove, especially to someone hiding her identity just to drop hate comments online. 

While she was at it, Vienna also shared that there were moments when her sister Vien became hands-on in addressing most of their family’s needs.

“Si ate [Vien] kasi sobrang supportive n’ya. China-chat ko s’ya. Nung time na down na down ako, tinatanong ako ni ate kung gusto ko ba ‘yung course ko. Tinanong n’ya pa ako if gusto kong lumipat ng school, s’ya daw bahala guys,” Vienna shared.

Guys, never s’ya naghesitate ibigay kung anong kailangan namin! Ito lang sasabihin ko guys, sobrang generous ng kapatid ko. Sobrang supportive n’ya saming pamilya,” Vienna added.

Touching Messages

Just like Vienna, Vien’s supporters can also attest to how generous she is not just with her husband and kids but also with her family.

@chowi: “Lol, sa mga vlogs lang ni ate Vien hindi talaga s’ya showy kahit si Junnie sinasabi ‘yan.”

@wntrsunny: “You don’t even know them personaly, lol!”

@hehehe: “Selfish? Hindi kasi sila pala-asa at lahat sila financially stable.”


Replying to @serena ate vien alam ko magagalit ka pinatulan ko to pero pa isa lang pls hahahahaahhaha last na to promise

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