Proof that Vien Iligan-Velasquez is the Biggest BINI Fan in Team Payaman

Do the songs “Pantropiko” and “Salamin, Salamin” ring bells to you? If they do, you’re BINI-coded and a certified BLOOM, just like Team Payaman’s Vien Iligan-Velasquez!

ICYDK, aside from the all-girl KPop Group TWICE, Vien is also the biggest fan of the Nation’s Girl Group BINI!

Here are some of Vien’s fangirl moments that show the true-blooded BLOOM that she is!

Salamin, Salamin Dance Cover

Recently, Vien Iligan-Velasquez uploaded a TikTok video dancing to the beat of one of BINI’s hit songs, “Salamin, Salamin.” The dance cover with her husband, Junnie Boy, now has a whopping 3.8 million views as of writing.

Netizens were definitely entertained with Junnie-Vien’s take on the “Salamin, Salamin” dance craze.

“Side mirror po ata nasayaw n’yo,” a fan jokingly said.

“Mahiwagang salamin, kailan sila pagsasabayin?” another one quipped.

Idol Repost (aaaccckkk!!)

Meanwhile, Vien also posted the dance cover on her Instagram story, allowing several BINI members to notice and repost it.

BINI members Jhoanna, Colet, Maloi, Mikha, Sheena, and Gwen reshared Vien and Junnie’s dance covers on their respective IG stories.

@bini_gwen: “Rinig ko po ‘yung tawa!” 

@bini_mikha: “Cuuuuuteeee!”

Of course, Vien’s inner fangirl screamed her heart out when her P-Pop idols noticed and interacted with her dance cover.

“Happy Sunday! Nirepost nila [BINI] kahit hindi namin nabuo [‘yung sayaw] HAHAHAHAHAH,” Vien wrote in an Instagram story.

IG Mutuals

Aside from fun dance covers, Vien and some BINI members are Instagram mutuals, too! Indeed, it’s a “sana all” and a half.

The mom-of-two also shared on her Instagram story that her favorite P-Pop Girl Group immediately followed her back on Instagram.

“huuuuuOoooouuyyy!!!! Nag follow back ang mga bebe ko hanubaaaa,” Vien penned in an Instagram story.

Pantropiko Fit

Of course, who could forget Vien’s Pantropiko-inspired fit when she visited the VIYLine Pop Store at Festival Mall Alabang?

Her pink summer ruffle top with a 3D floral accent paired with flared pants and chunky heels literally screams, “Oh shux, Ito ba’y pag-ibig na!”

Bloom Vien First Heart Break

Unfortunately, the 27-year-old Team Payaman vlogger was not able to secure tickets to BINI’s first-ever solo concert, BINIverse, happening at the New Frontier Theater from June 28 to 30, 2024. 

But as what the line in the song “Karera” said: “Sino ba’ng nagsabi na kailangan kong mauna hindi naman ito karera, pwedeng magdahan dahan.” Don’t worry, Bloom Vien, there will always be a next time! 

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