Top 3 Relatable Mother-and-Son Moments of Mommy Viy and Kidlat 

Do you love seeing Kidlat and Mommy Viy Cortez together? Check out these top three relatable, heartwarming mother-and-son moments that have captured the hearts of netizens!

Kidlat Takes His Throne 

Kids are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them. Sometimes, their explorations can lead to some pretty funny situations!  

Viy Cortez recently shared a photo of a silly moment during playtime when Kidlat was sitting on her face.  

“Minsan nanay, kadalasan sofa, Viy Cortez playfully wrote in her Facebook caption.  

Netizens related to the post and also shared their own hilarious photos of playful moments with their kids in the comment section. 

Same Viy Cortez, hahahahaha,”  a fan commented as she shared a captured moment with her kid.

Kidlat’s Humor and Clinginess 

Is this a mealtime moment you can relate to?  Viy Cortez recently shared an adorable, funny photo on Facebook that captures Kidlat’s clingy side.  

The photo also shows Kidlat with his funny expression as Viy flakes her fish.  

“‘Yung anak mong ayaw talaga mawalay sayo… Natawa pa ‘ko [sa] sabi niya ‘BYE FISH’ dahil binibiyak ko na,”  the first-time mom shared.

The comment section also flowed with hilarious comments as parents shared the same moments with their kids. 

“Ako rin, ayaw niyang nawawala ako sa paningin niya, kahit tulog na siya, gumalaw lang ako ng kaonti nagigising na, literal na loyal ang heart ng baby girl ko,” a fan shared. 

“Parang yung anak ko lang din pag nagpiprito o naghihimay ako ng isda sasabihan nya ‘wawa fish patay na,’” another netizen commented. 

Viy Wins! 

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old vlogger recently shared a funny Facebook post expressing her gratitude that her son, Kidlat, enjoys taking pictures.  

She playfully contrasted this with the meme, which depicts a mother struggling to convince her camera-shy son to pose for a photo. 

The meme is likely relatable to many parents who’ve experienced the challenge of capturing snapshots with their child, who might feel awkward or self-conscious in front of the camera. 

Cortez highlights this difference in the caption saying: “Buti wala pa ako ganito kay Kidlat kasi siya mismo nagsasabi ‘mommy picture’ hahahaha!” 

She even included a photo where Kidlat was enthusiastic about taking a picture, likely posing in front of a heart-shaped sculpture. 

“Kagaya nyan pic daw sya sa heart hahahaha,” Viy added. 

These social media exchanges highlight children’s diverse personalities and the relatable moments parents share when capturing memories.  

How about you? What are your favorite Mommy Viy and Kidlat moments?

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