Team Payaman Kids OOTD For Your Little One’s Next Fit Inspiration

Having a fit inspiration is not just for the adults. Your kids can also take some outfit ideas from the ever-cutest Team Payaman kiddos.

Here’s a list of Team Payaman kids-approved outfits that your little ones can copy for your next day out!

Kidlat’s Laidback Fit

Like his dad, laidback outfits suit Zeus Emmanuel Velasquez, a.k.a Kidlat, which everyone saw in a recent Facebook upload.

Kidlat’s OOTD, consisting of a plain white polo shirt, dark pants, and matching sneakers, is something your kid can try if they’re fond of wearing comfortable outfits in a monochromatic way!

Isla for three!

Another Team Payaman baby who inherited his father, Boss Keng’s style preference, is Isla Patriel Gaspar.

In a Facebook post, proud mom Pat Velasquez-Gaspar shared her son’s 8th-month birth celebration look —a basketball player fit!

If your kid is into sports, having a go-to athletic piece in their wardrobe can add an extra touch to their OOTDs, whether going out or just playing at home.

Chill Fit by Kuya Mavi

Quick errands? Junnie Boy and Vien’s eldest, Von Maverick Iligan-Velasquez, a.k.a Mavi’s family day fit, might be your next style inspo!

His neutral-colored polo paired with shorts and shoes is one of the fastest ways to dress up your kids without compromising the style.

Just like Kuya Mavi, your kids can also achieve a “chill outfit” with the help of high-quality pieces of clothing that will last a lifetime.

Viela as a Disney Princess

Of course, Junnie and Vien’s little tariray Alona Viela, complete the list for your little princesses’ OOTD style guide.

Like her mama, Vien also dresses up her little girl with the outfits she’s fond of wearing, making it great for any moment.

A dress of any color, paired with cute sandals, will never go wrong for any occasion and any time of the day!

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