Inspirational Life Lessons We’re Taking from Princess Wow, a.k.a Viy Cortez

If you think Viy Cortez’s alter ego, Princess Wow (Words of Wisdom), is just here with her witty, quotable quotes to make us laugh, you’re wrong.

In case you need something to motivate and inspire you, here are three out of many inspirational life lessons we’re taking from Team Payaman’s Princess Wow.

The Best Friend

Viy Cortez is more than just a mother and a girlfriend figure; she’s also an epitome of that friend who will never get tired of listening and giving advice, just like how she did with her friend, Chino Liu, a.k.a Tita Krissy Achino.

In a Facebook reel uploaded in 2021, Tita Krissy tested how well Viy can ride on her rants before cracking a prank.

At first, Viy thought it was just an ordinary conversation between two friends seeking advice. Of course, Viy has shown the caring friend she is and offered words of wisdom.

“Nasenti ako bigla, minsan pag nagdadasal ako, hindi ko ma-contain ‘yung mga thoughts ko. Minsan nga nababanggit ko kayo sa prayers ko. Minsan nakukwento kita kay Lord,” Tita Krissy wrote.

Meanwhile, Viy Cortez replied: “Nakasulat na buhay natin sis. Sayang naman kung magwo-worry tayo. Enjoy na lang natin.”


Galing talaga mag-advice ni Princess WOW hahaha! Namura pa nga kalurx!!! 😂🙈✌🏼 @viy.cortez

♬ Godspeed – James Blake

While Viy is aware that she was pranked by her friend afterward, the conversation clearly shows the 27-year-old vlogger and entrepreneur’s positive outlook in life. So take it from Princess Wow, enjoy life, and set the worries aside.  

Haters Gonna Hate

While left and right criticisms come with being a public figure, it is still important to keep your head up high and stay unbothered by the negative energy surrounding you because that’s something Viy Cortez would also tell you.

In her interview with Tough Mama Appliances, the VIYLine CEO shared how she easily handles negative comments.

“Since negative s’ya, hindi ko  na lang s’ya binabasa. Kasi marami akong pwedeng pagtuunan ng aking energy kasi nakaka-drain ‘yan eh, pag palaging negative comments ang binabasa mo.”

“‘Di ka naman perpekto at never kang magugustuhan ng lahat kaya kahit anong gawin mo, mayroon at mayroong masasabi sa’yo ang ibang tao, so magfocus ka nalang sa positive side,” she added.

Isn’t she the strongest? We stan an unbothered queen!


In a 2022 vlog, Viy Cortez also channeled her inner Princess Wow when she bravely talked about the reality of pregnancy. 

Her supporters adored how open and brave she was regarding the dilemmas she faced during the earlier stage of motherhood.

Viy opened up about her frustrations with acne caused by hormonal imbalance during pregnancy. But she remained optimistic by embracing her flaws and leaned towards the beauty of pregnancy.

“Kung parte ‘yan ng pagiging ina, I love it, I will embrace it because that’s the true essence of being a woman,” Viy shared.

Viy used her platform to break the stigma revolving around women who don’t want to conceive and use it against them.

She added: “For me, the true essence of a woman is motherhood. But if a woman doesn’t want to have kids, it doesn’t mean she is less of a woman.”

This is just one of many ways to celebrate International Women’s Month. Just like Viy, we can all start embracing the reality of being a woman and mark it as our edge and strength.

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