Level Up Your Hydration With The New Aquaflask Limited Edition Team Payaman Collection

There’s no better way to level up your hydration game than with the new Team Payaman Collection from AquaFlask Philippines!

With three new designs, there is surely a Payaman Flask suitable for your lifestyle! Read on as we share why you need to get your hands on these new limited-edition designs.


Last year, AquaFlask Philippines released the first-ever Team Payaman-inspired flasks designed as memorabilia of the country’s most influential group of content creators. 

The first AquaFlask Philippines x Team Payaman collaboration became the talk of the town as the product reached high demand from solid Team Payaman supporters.

If you missed the first Payaman Flask release, this might be your chance to get your hands on this crowd-favorite limited edition AquaFlask design.

This 2024, Team Payaman’s head, Cong TV, once again collaborated with AquaFlask to release not just one but three new designs of the Payaman Flask.

The new Payaman Flask is available in three timeless colorways:

  1. Black – Embossed with a large Payaman peso sign and several Team Payaman sticker logo designs.
  2. Cream – Designed with a large Payaman peso sign and decorated with several graffiti elements.
  3. White – Decorated with several Team Payaman sticker logo designs.

Each flask can hold 40oz of liquid products and is equipped with a silicon boot for more bottle protection. 

Whether you’re on the go, an athletic buddy, a student, or a corporate peep, there is undoubtedly a Payaman Flask just for you.

Get Yours Today!

There may be lots of designs to choose from but know that these Team Payaman memorabilia are available in a limited quantity and at a limited time.

To cop your own Team Payaman Flask, head on to AquaFlask Philippines’ official TikTok account and take advantage of the vouchers and discounts!

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