Cong TV Reveals Real Reason Why He Keeps Producing Kidlat Contents on YouTube

YouTube power couple Cong TV and Viy Cortez recently graced their first-ever cover story for Smart Parenting’s February 2024 issue

Aside from the basics of parents, Cong TV reveals the real reason why he chose to include his firstborn son, Kidlat, in his YouTube content. 

Memories of a Lifetime

Smart Parenting’s February issue tackles Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s ups and downs and everything between being first-time parents while vlogging and managing their respective businesses.

Cong and Viy, being the jolly parents that they are, usually feature a cameo of their son Kidlat in some of their vlogs, aiming to let their supporters see how well their son is doing.

While it is fun to see more of Kidlat, some concerned netizens question why the parents are exposing Kidlat online at such an early age. 

The first-time dad, Cong TV, finally answered why Kidlat is considered their little vlogging buddy.

“Para mapanood niya balang araw, ano bang klaseng tatay yung tatay niya. Matawa siya sana sa mga pinaggagawa namin. Sana masaya siya sa ginagawa namin,” Cong TV said in the cover story.

Cong TV also shared that his lack of tangible memories to look back on is why he continues to document his sons’ precious memories through his lens.

“Kasi isa yun sa wini-wish ko nung bata ako, sa totoo lang. Hindi lahat tayo galing sa mayamang pamilya kaya, hindi lahat tayo may video noong bata [tayo]. It’s something na, hanggang ngayon, tinatanong ko sa mga kamag-anak namin, how I wish, kahit 10 seconds lang of, anong klaseng bata ako, sana meron,” Cong told the team.

More of Kidlat

We’ll surely see more of Kidlat soon, especially now that he’s ready to take on more adventures and memories of a lifetime with his parents and the whole Team Payaman.

Like the proud parents, everyone’s sure that Kidlat is living his best life, and he will surely thank his parents for documenting his life at this early age.

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