Why Should AVOlution Be Your Next Digital Solutions Partner for Future Events?

You have probably seen the incredible 4K resolution LED screen during the “Team Payaman Fair Holiday Paawer Up,” which made it easier for the audience to witness the show-stopping performances.

All thanks to AVOlution Inc., the leading LED video wall, LED billboard, and digital signage supplier in the Philippines. Find out why AVOlution Inc. should be your next digital solutions partner!

Spotlight On: AVOlution Inc.

Known for specializing in various digital solutions for events and advertisements, AVOlution Inc. has set the standard for being on the frontlines as one of the most highly trusted LED video wall and digital solutions suppliers in the country!

In an exclusive interview with VIYLine Media Group (VMG), AVOlution Inc.ʼs Vice President, Ms. Lani Kimber Campos, shared what sets AVOlution apart from other players in the industry.

“Based on its tagline, ʻDigital: Powered by Humans,ʼ our main brand message focuses on the creativity and ingenuity of the most important aspect that drives every business forward—its people,” Campos explained.

“Our tagline focuses on the importance of the human component that powers each technology, each solution, and each company to take it from where it is now to where it wants to be,” she added.

Along with 21st-century technological innovations, AVOlution ensures that its services continuously progress to provide better services as the digital world rapidly evolves.

One notable challenge their business encountered was during the pandemic crisis in 2020, which opened a new door of opportunity to promote and launch products that were ideal for the said circumstance.

“During the pandemic, we pivoted our business by providing face recognition and temperature reading equipment (AVO-FACE) to government agencies to help lessen the spread of the virus.”

Campos proudly shared that their partnership with the Philippine Red Cross helped many individuals protect themselves from the virus through the AVONano Shield.

“We teamed up with Red Cross, where they installed these products in their swabbing areas and their different offices.”

Aside from the said successful partnership, one of the breakthroughs for AVOlution was supplying digital solutions during the recently concluded Team Payaman Fair held at the SMX Convention Center Manila on December 27-30, 2023.

AVOlution made the stage performances and advertisements look even more spectacular with the support of their 4K-resolution LED screens.

“Iʼm sure when you went to the Team Payaman Fair last December, you saw a very, very big LED [screen]. The size is 4.5×13 meters. Iʼm sure it was the first time the Team Payaman Fair had that big LED backdrop, and a lot of people were awed by how big the LED was,” Campos excitedly shared.

Furthermore, AVOlution has also stepped foot at an international event, being a key player in the recently held FIBA Basketball League 2023 by providing digital signage for the grand occasion.

“We were part of that international event; we were able to install [digital LED signages] to the different event places where the FIBA Basketball League will be held.”

Beyond digital signage and indoor and outdoor LED screens for events, AVOlution Inc. has a lot of other services to offer, such as advertising solutions for different establishments (DIGIPOSTER), modern video-conference boards with innovative features (AVO E-PLUS), digitized slot machines (AVO SLOT), and their FOTOMOKO (i MULTI-TOUCH) service, where clients can have their photos taken, personalized, and instantly saved through a big, touchable LED screen.

“We continuously come up with new interesting, captivating events solutions for our clients. Our team comes up with creative designs, and we execute that design as well.”

In the coming years, AVOlution Inc. is optimistic and looking forward to bringing a whole new viewing experience to their clients and their respective audiences.

Partner with AVOlution!

Like the success endowed by AVOlution at the Team Payaman Fair, you can also achieve an exceptional and seamless viewing experience for your next event or advertisement.

With the rise of technology, AVOlution Inc. indeed has its way of providing more than just digital signage solutions, but the satisfaction of their clients and an experience like no other!

For clients interested in partnering with AVOlution Inc. or exploring its services, feel free to reach them through the following contact details:

Contact Number: +639-1713-02456
Email: sales@avolutioninc.net
Website: https://avolutioninc.net/ecommerce/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AVolutionInc
YouTube: www.youtube.com/@AVOlutionInc.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/avolutioninc/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@avolution.inc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avolution.inc

Interested clients may also personally visit the AVOlution office in the following locations:

  • Metro Manila: 231 B. Padilla St., Brgy. Santa Lucia, San Juan City, Philippines 1500
  • Davao City: Lot 4 Block 2 Phase 1, Moonland Village, Barangay Candelaria, Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines 8000

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