5 Times Cong TV and Junnie Boy Proved Their OOTDs Can Also ‘Diin’ Like Tito Mikee

You’ve probably heard about former basketball player, sports analyst, and famous TikTok content creator Mikee Reyes. Aside from his sports background, “The Tito Mikee” is also known for his “pang diinan” or “pang malakasang” fit checks that both men and women fashion enthusiasts approve. 

But of course, Team Payaman has their own Tito Mikee, who has excellent taste in fashion and could also slay those OOTD with “diin.”

Oppa Junnie

It is evident that Junnie Boy carries that “oppa” style in him that makes his outfits suit his height, facial, and body features, thanks to his love for KPop.

Junnie Boy surely has his way to the hearts of many by simply wearing neutral-colored coordinates that highlight his skin color. The outfit also screams “Tito Mikee,” who is also known for his sweater and sweatpants combo. 

We also can’t get enough of the behind-the-scene on how Junnie pulled off this outfit with his wife, Vien Iligan-Velasquez.


Fit check with my one and only @JunnieBoy 🫶🏻 #grwm #fitcheck #ootn

♬ edamame – bbno$

Notice me, Senpai!

Of course, if there’s Oppa Junnie, Senpai Junnie also takes the spotlight! Netizens were amazed how Junnie Boy could quickly adapt to the fashion of the places he’d been to, just like how he dressed up during their recent Japan trip with Team Payaman.

Boy Next Door Junnie

How can we forget Junnie Boy’s Team Payaman Fair Day 1 outfit? A plain, dri-fit black shirt and sweatpants, paired with a Team Payaman cap from Cong Clothing, surely reached the standard for having a “diin” OOTD.


See you at SMX Convention Center! Team Payaman Paawer Up Na! Tara po! 👋🏻

♬ Remix my humps – Amanda Araújo

Fresh Cong, anyone?

Who would’ve thought Team Payaman founder Cong TV could also achieve that Tito Mikee “diin” look?

In a recent brand shoot, Cong effortlessly captured many hearts in his crisp white shirt and denim pants, giving him a masculine look we had never seen before. Kudos to that physique, which is a result of Cong’s hard work and effort to get fit and healthy. 

Monochromatic Fit Check

Color-coordinated outfit? Tito Mikee will surely approve Cong TV’s Japan OOTD that he posted on Instagram.

Did you notice how Cong also applied the famous “sandwich method” in fashion by wearing off-white beenie and sneakers paired with a coordinated black sweatshirt and pants? All thanks to Cong Clothing’s pieces, Cong TV pulled off that cool dad vibe in Japan!

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