5 Times Team Payaman Girls Proved That ‘Less is More’ in Fashion

The saying “less is more” resonates with how the ladies of the biggest vlogger group in the country, Team Payaman, showcase themselves through fashion.

Read on as we show you the times TP Girls proved that their minimalist approach in fashion (and makeup) could be the next trend in 2024.

On some occasions, the Team Payaman girls, also known as Team Payaman Wildcats, could easily slay stunning elegant outfits and glam makeup looks.

But most of the time, these ladies also have the power to turn their casual looks into classy ones despite having minimal makeup and a simple outfit.

Chic ala Viviys

Take Cong TV’s fiancé, Viy Cortez, as an example. The 27-year-old vlogger and entrepreneur is the epitome of a woman who rocks her outfit regardless. 

In one Instagram photo, she is just wearing a plain black polo paired with a brown skirt and neutral-colored flats that give her a classy look without doing more.

Her makeup (thanks to VIYLine Cosmetics) also matches how she dressed —simple yet elegant and presentable.

Laidback Vien

The now mom-of-two, Vien Iligan-Velasquez, also sets the record as one of the fashionable influencer mommas in the vlogging industry. 

Vien is known for her trendy yet timeless outfits that definitely suit her curves and facial features, just like how she was in this photo.

Her simple casual fits while rocking her eyelash extensions and on-fleek brows combo count as one of the ways Vien Iligan-Velasquez makes her way to the gram. 

Shine Bright Like Pat

Another Team Payaman momma, Pat Velasquez-Gaspar, is loved by how she can pull off a simple outfit, just like how she dressed during a trip to Taiwan. 

Who would’ve thought that lime green coordinates and a black tank top would look this good on a simple day? Only Pat does that!

Casual Clouie

Setting a standard for her followers, Clouie Dims is indeed a trendsetter when it comes to her fits, and we’re here for it! 

Despite having simple makeup, Clouie Dims also pulls off her outfits regardless, just like this OOTD taken during her Japan trip last year.

Aesthetic Abby

Aside from her undeniable talent in baking, Kevin Hermosada’s gorgeous wife, Abigail Campañano-Hermosada, is also a reliable source of outfit inspos. Pinterest girly, indeed!

Her supporters love how chic Abi’s outfits are and how they remain timeless, classy, and basic, without too much effort on makeup and thinking about what to wear next.

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