5 Ivy’s Feminity Pieces to Achieve Your “Clean Girl” Vibe This 2024

To say that the “Clean Girl” aesthetics has taken the internet by storm is an understatement, and we’re not even complaining! This trend has set standards for all things makeup and clothing left and right. 

If you aim to achieve that “clean girl” look through your outfits, here are five clothing pieces from Ivy’s Feminity that should be on your next purchase list.

Your One-Stop Clothing Shop

Viy Cortez’s clothing line, which she co-owns with her sister, Ivy Tumbaga-Cortez, has been providing chic pieces since 2020.

From holiday-proof outfits to a wide selection of summer dresses and clothing items that speak “clean girl” vibes, there is surely one for you.

1. Clara in White (Long Dress)

Ivy’s Feminity’s Clara is a perfect dress for your on-the-go activities. This dress gives you that effortless but sassy look because of its puff sleeve and detailed design. This dress comes in free size, which can fit up to 2XL.

2. Jade in Nude

Calling all our girl bosses out there! Channel the inner Viy Cortez in you with Ivy’s Feminity Jade, which gives a layer of comfort while giving an “off-duty” modern girl boss look.

3. Angelica in Black, Nude, and Pink

If you just want a laid-back outfit that is perfect for every day, why not give Ivy’s Feminity’s Angelica a try? This puff-sleeved mini dress is perfect when running errands or just chilling at home. 

4. Clara Doll Dress in Black (Mini Dress)

Another Viy Cortez-approved outfit is Ivy’s Feminity’s Clara in Black. Compared to the first one, this dress is way shorter and perfect for your day out with friends, as it gives you a fresh and breathable fit while keeping your look sophisticated.

5. Valerie

If you want to add a pop of design to your OOTD, Valerie design might be for you! This mini dress is designed with floral details, giving a summer vibe while keeping your look clean and minimal.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

These are just some of the many clothing pieces you can cop from Ivy’s Feminity that will surely change the way you dress this 2024.

Start your “Clean Girl” lifestyle by revamping your closet with Ivy’s Feminity! Start ordering your aesthetic wardrobe through their official Shopee account or visit VIYLine Showroom at Block 20 Lot 6, San Agustin Road, San Agustin Village, Brgy. San Francisco, Biñan City, Laguna. 

You can also score your favorite clothing pieces during their TikTok live every Monday to Saturday from 4 PM to 6 PM, and Facebook live from 7 PM to 8:30 PM, where you can take advantage of their discounts, deals, and vouchers.

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