Is it Too Early For Kidlat to be Exposed to Homeschool Learning?

Viy Cortez and Cong TV’s firstborn son, Zeus Emmanuel Velasquez, a.k.a Kidlat, recently had his first-ever homeschool experience.

Find out why Kidlat’s parents continued to introduce Kidlat to homeschooled learning at an early age and how it will benefit their one-year-old son. 

Kidlat’s First Homeschool Day

In a Facebook post, content creator Viy Cortez excitedly shared his son’s milestone —attending his first educational session with a homeschool teacher.

Even before the homeschool session, the first-time mom couldn’t help but share Kidlat’s school attire.

“Ready na s’ya sa first-day n’ya ng homeschool,” Viy Cortez wrote.

Netizens were captivated by Kidlat’s cuteness and were amazed by the big step Kidlat’s parents had taken in his education. They also sent their good luck for Kidlat’s first day.

Of course, the proud mom also shared how happy she was seeing her son excel during Kidlat’s learning session.

“Done [on the] first day of homeschool. Thank you Teacher Mac! Nag-enjoy s’ya ng 1 hour walang iyak iyak, nasayaw pa! Good job, Kidlat!” 

Too Early?

Kidlat’s parents were very open in sharing their son’s progress in reading and motor skills, another reason why the first-time mom let her son experience homeschooling.

However, one netizen interrogate Viy Cortez’s decision to allow their child to be homeschooled at a very young age —something that the first-time mom clarified.

“Kanya-kanya po tayo ng pagpapalaki. Salamat.”

Viy’s sister, Ivy-Cortez-Ragos, defended Viy and Cong’s bold decision.

“Tama ‘yan, para hindi tablet-tablet bebe ko. Homeschool ‘yan pero hindi naman ‘yan yung parang may exam guys. Okay lang yan bebe ko combining play and learning, ika nga” she added.

Meanwhile, a teacher shared her sentiment and explained that exposing a child to a learning system at a young age is not bad at all.

Shennalyn De Guzman Buenavista: “As a teacher, tama po na sa batang edad ay matuto na sila dahil mas mabilis matuto ang mga bata. Hindi naman pag sinabing mag aaral na ay paper works na agad. Maraming form ng pag aaral like playing while learning.”

According to research, teaching or disciplining a child, regardless of age, is okay. There is no such thing as “too early” in letting your child explore and learn new things.

In Kidlat’s case, he is not being taught complex terms and concepts but being stimulated to learn the basics of reading, fine motor skills, maintaining his attention span, and limiting exposure to mobile devices.

Behind the interrogations, netizens applaud the first-time parents for providing Kidlat with a secure and fun educational experience in the comfort of their homes.

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