Team Payaman and SB19 to Compete in a Valorant Showmatch in the 2024 Asia-Pacific Predator League 

Predator Gaming is kicking off the year with a bang by letting the Philippines host one of the biggest e-games tournaments in Asia.

ICYDK, Team Payaman, SB19, and other big names in the country will join the fun of Asia Pacific (APAC) Predator League 2024, and here’s what you should look out for.

APAC Predator League

This January 13-14, the Philippines will host this year’s APAC Predator League, where pooled Valorant and Dota 2 players will participate in a tournament.

Well-known players such as Blacklist International, Execration, Polaris Esports (Dota 2), Team Secret, Oasis Gaming, and ZOL Esports (Valorant) will take on the challenge. 

A $200,000 cash prize awaits winners, and luckily, Filipinos will also have the chance to win and represent the country in the gaming industry.

Special Performances

APAC Predator League would not be complete without show-stopping performances from some of the biggest names in the music and content creation industry.

Singer-songwriters Sarah Geronimo, Ylona Garcia, Al James, the multi-awarded PPop boy group SB19 (Josh, Stell, Pablo, Ken, and Justin), and many more will surely hype up the crowd with their performances.

Cosplayer and gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao, Team Payaman headed by Cong TV, and more are expected to grace the event as Predator Gaming’s official ambassadors.

Valorant Showmatch

But wait, there’s more! Team Payaman members Cong TV, Junnie Boy, Boss Keng, and Yow Andrada will also compete against the SB19 members in a Predator League 2024 VALORANT Showmatch.

This is not the first time Team Payaman and SB19 faced each other for a friendly match. They recently had a head-to-head match for Acer Philippines’ Acerpure Mahangin Challenge, which gave fans of both camps a glimpse of their competitiveness. 

Unfortunately, tickets run out quickly but stay tuned for a wave of ticket giveaways coming your way. Make sure to follow Predator Gaming’s official Facebook page to know more.

The Predator League 2024 will also be livestreamed on Predator Philippines’ official Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube channels. 

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