LOOK: Customers’ First Impression of VIYLine Skincare’s New Lakas-Ganda Antibacterial Family Soap

Earlier this month, VIYLine Skincare made a massive comeback by launching its first-ever antibacterial family soap, Lakas and Ganda. 

Aside from having renowned vloggers Cong TV and Viy Cortez on its packaging, the newly released soap was a huge hit because of its antibacterial protection and budget-friendly price.

But is it really worth its price tag? Let us check out some customers’ first impressions and feedback of VIYLine Skincare Lakas Ganda Antibacterial with Moisturizer Soap. 

Gentle Protection

Lakas and Ganda Antibacterial Soap with Moisturizer is the new ultimate protection of this generation. The daily use of this new soap guarantees 99% defense against harmful bacteria while keeping your body odor-free all day. 

This family soap washes away dirt and impurities and keeps your skin healthy and moisturized as it is packed with Glycerin and Vitamin E to prevent dry, rough, and itchy skin.

Each pack of Lakas or Ganda retails for only Php 65, and you can also get a pack of three for Php 175. 

First Impression

After launching Lakas and Ganda Antibacterial Soap successfully last December 12, 2023, customers finally got their hands on VIYLine Skincare’s newest release. 

Fitness trainer and TikTok creator Jon Lexter Claricia, a.k.a FitDadLex or @supersciencecoaching on TikTok, was one of the first customers to receive their orders.

In a TikTok entry, he shared his thoughts on the new antibacterial soap endorsed by YouTube power couple Cong TV and Viy Cortez. 

“May active ingredient ‘to which is 2-Phenylphenol (BiPhenyl-2ol). It’s just an organic compound na pwede gamitin as germicide or fungicide, so masasabi talaga nating anti-micro bacterial ito,” he said. 

The TikToker also commends the size of the soap, which, according to him, will surely last for more washes.

“Pero real talk, mabango ‘tong pang lalaking ‘to ah? Bagay ‘to sa mga naggy-gym na gaya ko,” he said after smelling the Lakas variant.

Meanwhile, VIYLine’s official Shopee store buyers also expressed their initial reaction after receiving the products. 

“Amoy imported na sabon, sobra bango!” one buyer said. 

“Amoy payaman! Amoy baby powder!’ another one added.

Another customer said: “Solid siya, parang di mabilis matunaw. Ambangoo, sarap sa balat!”

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