Team Payaman Beats Ppop Kings SB19 in Acerpure Mahangin Challenge 

After three sets of exciting challenges, Team Payaman was hailed as the ultimate “Mahangin” after winning Acerpure’s Mahangin Challenge against PPop Kings, SB19. 

Earlier in October, Team Payaman and SB19 joined forces for an epic collaboration and went head-to-head against each other for a web series challenge. 

Mahangin Challenge

Team Payaman members Cong TV, Junnie Boy, Boss Keng, Yow Andrada, and Dudut Lang faced SB19 members Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin in three different challenges featuring new Acerpure home essentials. Whoever wins the three-part challenge will get a free trip to Japan. 

During the first round, both teams went on a “Deep Cleaning Dash,” where they needed to tidy up a certain part of the house using the new Acerpure vacuum, but they have to find some hidden letters to complete a mystery message. SB19 won the said round, giving them an advantage in the game. 

For the second challenge, Team Payaman and SB19 unleashed their gaming skills through a computer game showdown on “Bro Falls.”

Despite having a close fight, both teams didn’t even sweat with the help of Acerpure Cozy Pedestal Air Circulator Fan F2. For this round, Team Payaman proved their gaming capabilities and claimed victory. 


After having one win under their sleeves, Team Payaman and SB19 went head-to-head on a final cook-off challenge where they were tasked to cook a traditional Japanese curry. 

While the said dish has a strong aroma, the smell didn’t linger within the kitchen because the Acerpure C2 2-in-1 Air Circulator and Purifier had been working while the boys cooked their hearts out. 

And for the final challenge, Team Payaman won, making them the champion of the Acerpure Mahangin Challenge and winners of the free trip to Japan. 

“Authentic ramen, here we go!” Team Payaman cheered. 

Watch the final challenge below:

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