LOOK: TikTok Creator Toni Morales Gives Honest Review of VIYLine Cosmetics

TikTok content creator Toni Morales is known for honest and genuine reviews of all sorts of products you can buy online, specifically of makeup and skincare items.

Now that VIYLine Cosmetics is making a noise in different online shopping platforms, the TikTok Creator gave in to the hype and tried the best-selling items from Viy Cortez’s makeup line.

Best Sellers

Content creator Toni Morales recently tried some of the most-raved TikTok products of VIYLine Cosmetics and gave her first impression and honest review.

Surprisingly, she only spent less than P800 for six different items, proving that the brand is indeed affordable.

“Ang lahat ng ito, for 6 items ha, P800 plus lang. Oh, ‘di ba? Bongga!” Toni exclaimed.

The vlogger first tried the famous Black Blush in the shade Ruby. Toni was amazed by the color payoff and reminded her viewers that a little product goes a long way.

“Ang ganda ng color n’ya! ‘Yung scent n’ya, amoy candy s’ya tapos ‘yung formula n’ya very creamy!” she added.

She then gave VIYLine Cosmetics Black Blush a 10 rating for surpassing her expectations for a budget-friendly makeup blush.

Next on the list is the VIYLine Cosmetics Liquid Contour Wand in the shade of Cedar. This shade is her personal pick to contour her face.

“In faireness, akala ko magse-set agad s’ya. Blendable s’ya kahit ilang seconds iwan. For the color pay-off naman, it’s there. Gusto ko s’ya!” she shared.

The TikTok creator rated the Liquid Contour Wand a good 9.5 out of 10 for doing a great job.

Of course, how can she miss the opportunity to try the TikTok trending VIYLine Cosmetics Aqua Cream in the shade Selene?

Toni revealed that she tried this specific shade as she usually sees this on Viy Cortez’s TikTok videos.

“Huy, ganda ah! Ang ganda ng pagkablend n’ya sa skin ko!” she happily exclaimed.

To top everything off, Toni tried VIYLine Cosmetics’ WILD Eyeshadow and Highlighter in the shade Wise.

“Ito naman, I will rate it 6 out of 10. Nice shimmer, maganda s’ya!” she shared.

Of course, she also tried to use the VIYLine Cosmetics Cleansing Balm to help her remove her makeup and any residues.

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Let’s get your makeup journey started and get yourself these treats from VIYLine Cosmetics to know why TikTok creators are raving about it.

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