Flex Your Fit: 5 OOTD Recommendations for Your Next TP Fair Visit

Team Payaman Fair Holiday Paawer Up is just around the corner. Have you gotten yourself an OOTD yet?

If not, here are 5 Viy Cortez-approved outfit recommendations that you can choose from for your next TP Fair visit this December!

Ivy’s Feminity: Your One-Stop-Shop for OOTDs

Ivy’s Feminity, a female-led clothing business co-owned by Ivy Cortez-Ragos and her sister Viy Cortez, offers a modern-minimalist style, perfect for everyday wear.

With lots of colors, designs, and sizes, there is surely an Ivy’s Feminity piece just for you. If you’re still thinking about what to choose, here are some Viy Cortez-approved fits you might want to try!

Caroline (White) PHP469

This coordinated top and shorts feature a colorful floral accent, giving you that summer vibe without worrying about the heat because of its light fabric. Make sure to wear this and be ready to snap a selfie with your favorite social media influencer during TP Fair!

Donna (Brown) PHP469

This free-size top and bottom set is also perfect if you’re into neutral-colored pieces with a hint of leafy accent. These coordinates will surely look good on you when you shop at your favorite influencer’s booths!

Savanah PHP469

Looking for the perfect fit when you win your iPhone raffle prize at Team Payaman Fair? Then this Ivy’s Feminity’s Savanah is perfect for you. Savanah is a two-way coordinated set that you can use for different events. This piece is available in 3 colors: Apricot, Black, and Choco Brown.

Liyah PHP499

In case you’re a dress-type fashionista, this Liyah dress will surely match your personality! Embrace being conservative while keeping your style in color. Cop this dress in four colors: Brown, Hot Pink, Black, and Beige. This dress is perfect for channeling your inner Viy Cortez and making yourself stand out from the TP Fair crowd!

Selena PHP469

Let’s face it: the TP Fair crowd is wild but fun, and we’re expecting a lot of attendees! Make sure you get that fresh-while-you-shop feeling with Ivy’s Feminity’s Selena, which will surely give you a fresh and sophisticated look! This is available in the following colors: Choco Brown, Apricot, Brown, and Black!

Get Your OOTDs now!

This is the perfect time to plan your OOTDs for Team Payaman Fair, and grab these Viy Cortez-approved pieces while it’s hot!

Channel the inner fashionista and grab these babies on Ivy’s Feminity’s official Facebook, Shopee, and TikTok shop platforms. Or visit VIYLine’s Showroom at Block 20 Lot 6 San Agustin Road, San Agustin Village, Brgy. San Francisco, Biñan City, Laguna.

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