Achieve Gym-Ready Look With This Vien Velasquez-Approved Lip Product

Team Payaman vlogger Vien Iligan-Velasquez embodies the “girl power” movement as she now takes her lifestyle to greater heights. 

One thing her followers notice is her glowing aura despite being all sweaty doing heavy exercises. What could be Vien’s secret to achieving her gym-ready makeup look?


In her latest  TikTok video, vlogger and entrepreneur Vien Iligan-Velasquez shared her preparation before getting sweaty during a workout at Congpound’s Mini Gym. 

The 26-year-old mom flaunts her color-coordinated gym outfit for her leg and glutes day to ensure comfort on every move.


Week 3 of My Fitness Journey | Leg & Glutes Day 🍑

♬ BOOTY (Feat.Mckdaddy) – Ash-B

Aside from her aesthetic and minimalist gym outfit, one thing netizens would love to know is the secret to her fresh makeup look while working out.  

@Rose Marie: “Ano po liptint na gamit niyo dito ma’am Vien?”

No more questions asked, Mommy Vien revealed her secret to keeping her fresh look despite being in the gym for hours. 

“Ang gamit ko dito ay yung Lip Potion ng VIYLine Cosmetics. Ito ‘yung shade na Kidlat!” she revealed.

Vien added: “Mas recommended ko sa lips itong si Kidlat [shade]. Ito ginagamit ko ‘to pag naggy-gym para hindi naman tayo maputla ‘pag naggy-gym.”

VIYLine Cosmetics Lip Potion

Lip Potion is a two-shade lip product by VIYLine Cosmetics released in July 2022 to celebrate Kidlat’s birth milestone. The shade names were also derived from Baby Kidlat’s name. 

VIYLine Cosmetics’ Lip Potion is a gloss that gives you glossy, plump lips; it has a thick gel consistency but ensures a lightweight and hydrating effect on your lips!

It also contains Sweet Almond Oil to help rejuvenate the lips. It is also infused with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Extract to moisturize the lips and say goodbye to those annoying chapped lips. 

The “Baby” shade gives you a glittery-shining-shimmering look. While the “Kidlat” shade gives you a subtle pop of color.

Get yours now for only Php 249 on VIYLine Cosmetics’ official Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok shop platforms!

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