3 Times Viy Cortez Wowed Netizens With Her Fit Check Photos

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Viy Cortez is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable personalities in the Philippines’ content creation industry. Every time she posts her fits online, she gets thousands of likes and praises from her supporters.

Here are the top three on-point outfits from the Team Payaman vlogger that wowed netizens and made a mark on social media platforms.

Viy Cortez: The Fashion Icon

You’re probably seeing more Instagrammable OOTDs of Viy Cortez on your social media feed nowadays. This is because she is flaunting her well-maintained figure and youthful glow.

The 26-year-old content creator is radiating with confidence, especially after shedding some pounds since giving birth to her son, Zeus Emmanuel Velasquez, a.k.a Kidlat.

Viy continuously surprises her fans with her elevated makeup and timeless outfits. Here are some of our favorites:

The tropical babe

This photo of Viy Cortez speaks of a summery vibe because of her floral-themed coordinates, which she wore during a quick staycation. Simple yet sophisticated —this is how Viy is seen by her solid supporters. 

The badass chick 

In a Facebook post, Viy once again amazed her followers with her style versatility. The vlogger and entrepreneur once again slayed her “chill night” outfit, which she paired with a stylish vape from Flava Premium that leveled up her streetwear vibe outfit.


Outfit check🖤 flavapremium x team payamanfair

♬ original sound – Viy Cortez – Viy Cortez

The sassy girl boss

Viy Cortez can be anything she wants to be. How can we forget the woman that she is? An ultimate girl boss! She effortlessly channeled the “girl boss” vibe on her recent fit check photo when she visited the VIYLine Media Group office for the launching of Team Payaman Fair online ticket sales.

Netizens’ Reactions

The “Viviys,” as the vlogger fondly calls her supporters, never fail to show their appreciation for Viy Cortez’s fit checks. They hail her as the real-life “BarVIY girl” for her doll-like makeup and  OOTD photos.

Arah Gorz Palacios Hernandez: “So pretty!”

Charmaine Ab Vi: Absolutely stunning, BarVIY!”

Maricel Rocafort: “Miss Viy Cortez nakakainspired ka naman. Samantala ako expired. stay pretty!”

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