Junnie Boy and Boss Keng’s Burgeran: Is it Worth the Hype? Let’s Find Out!

Earlier this year, Team Payaman vloggers Junnie Boy and Boss Keng entered a new business venture by becoming Burgeran’s newest endorsers and franchisees. 

In February 2023, the real-life besties and brothers-in-law signed a partnership with the new burger stall, Burgeran. Roughly six months since joining the business, is the Burgeran-craze worth the hype? Let’s find out!


Burgeran offers a variety of burgers and hotdog buns at a very affordable price. It includes a classic burger, cheeseburger, and premium burger with bacon and coleslaw, which you can score for as low as Php 34 for a single order and Php 69 for buy 1 take one orders. Wow!

You may also have additional burger patties, bacon, egg, cheese, coleslaw, or chili con Carne.

Check out their menu below:

Satisfied customers have expressed their verdict on the newest burger stall in town. 

Highly Recommend para sa mga naghahanap Ng Burger na di tinipid sa Ingredients at Sobrang Sarap pa. Merienda lagi Namin Ng mga chikiting ko yung Sulit premium Burger at FOOTSHORT,” one happy customer said. 

“Ambaba ng expectation ko dito nung una pero gulat na gulat ako sa sulit premium nila. Hindi mema yung bacon. Malutong pa! Panalo yung patty. Lagpaslagpasan sa bun. Apaw sa cheese sauce. Literal na sulit premium nga..Yung sa footshort nila mukhang branded pa yung hotdog! Nakakailang balik na ko,” another one added.

Meanwhile, a food vlogger recently visited one of Burgeran’s branches and commended the store’s cleanliness and delicious yet affordable burgers. 

“Napaka ganda ng place nila, very neat and organized. Kaya sure na sure na malinis yung mga burger na kakainin niyo dito,” Jercss MH said in a Facebook reel.

“Isa pa sa mga nagustuhan ko dito, lods, 100% pure beef patty siya, purong puro, bakang baka! Legit!” he added.

Open for franchise

Currently, Burgeran has over 15 branches across Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cavite. One of which is Junnie Boy’s very own branch in Imus, Cavite. 

If you want to start your own burger stall franchise business, just send a message to Burgeran’s official Facebook page or contact them at marketing@burgeran.com or (+63) 999-5792-623.

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