Viy Cortez Hypes Supporters with Upcoming Products from VIYLine Cosmetics 

2023 is full of surprises as Viy Cortez’s makeup line VIYLine Cosmetics, is about to release two new products that will surely hit the spot!

As early as now, Viy Cortez hypes her supporters with teasers showing that she’s already using the new products on her recent makeup looks. Wonder what it might be?

Coming Soon!

Recently, VIYLine Cosmetics held a product shoot of their new products with Viy Cortez as their model.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur shared snippets of her look for the photoshoot that excites her supporters.

“Photoshoot for VIYLine Cosmetics’ new products soon!” Cortez wrote in a Facebook post.

Netizens immediately complimented the VIYLine CEO for her unmatched beauty, thanks to VIYLine Cosmetics.

Abigail Campañano-Hermosada: “Ganda!! Fresh na fresh!!”

Joana Cajefe: “Gorgeous!”

Anne Astreta: “Absolutely gorgeous!”

In another Facebook post, some supporters even guessed what products VIYLine Cosmetics will release soon.

Pamela Ria Naval: “Eyeliner and mascara”

Cabales Lenet: “Foundation and liptint”

Dy Kristelle: “Eyeliner, mascara, lip oil/gloss???”

While others guessed that it might be another lip product, but one thing is for sure, it will surely complete and upscale your makeup look. 

What do you think  VIYLine Cosmetics’ new products will be? Comment down your guesses!

Stay Tuned!

When we say it’s soon, it’s really soon! VIYLine Cosmetics ensures to provide the best quality makeup products that are worth the wait.

Now, all you have to do is to save up and keep your eyes glued for more announcements. Make sure to join the hype and be one of the first peeps to get their hands on these new items from VIYLine Cosmetics.

Following VIYLine Cosmetics’ official Facebook, TikTok Shop, Shopee, and Lazada accounts so you won’t miss out.

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