5 On Point Fits We’re Copying From Team Payaman Girls

It is no wonder that Team Payaman Girls are not just known for their social media content but also for their on-point fashion sense.

Today, we’re diving into the five outfits from some Team Payaman personalities that you can copy depending on your mood and preference.

Viy Cortez

Even after giving birth, Viy Cortez ensures she’s ready to slay the day. Most of her outfits are from her joint clothing line with her sister, Ivy Cortez-Ragos, the Ivy’s Feminity, which offers a wide range of clothing pieces tailored to every woman’s shape and size. 

Viy Cortez loves to play with different color palettes and coordinates, making her outfits captivating and easy to imitate. 

Aside from coordinates, the 26-year-old vlogger and entrepreneur keep her fit game strong with some of her designer clothing pieces and accessories from Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Chanel.

She is loved for her versatility in her outfits and especially for her taste in choosing clothing pieces that fit her body frame.

Vien Iligan-Velasquez

The now mom-of-two likewise gets praise online for her timeless clothing mix-ups, which is obviously one of her best assets.

Just like her future sister-in-law, Vien Iligan-Velasquez also enjoys coordinates. Thanks to Junnie Boy, her husband, for taking such Instagrammable pictures of her wife in her OOTDs.

Vien loves to play with neutral colors, hence the birth of her clothing brand, MuyVien Apparel, which also offers basic outfits for kids.

She sometimes tries to add colors to add fun to her outfits, just like how she looked in this photo with her daughter, Alona Viela.

Pat Velasquez-Gaspar

Pat Velasquez-Gaspar has her way of presenting herself through the outfits she posts online.

She’s known for her mix-and-match techniques when choosing the outfit that best fits her personality and morena beauty, just like how she slayed on her recent Taiwan trip. 

She also adds spice to her outfit by pairing it with a designer item, such as a signature classic bag. Isn’t it chic?

Clouie Dims

Of course, Clouie Dims also steps up in the OOTD game with her trendy styling techniques, which clearly depict her personality.

Like any other Team Payaman Girls, Clouie surely has an eye for coordinates and neutral-colored pieces.

Of course, Clouie flaunts her natural figure and skin color by wearing tones that match her complexion.

So, which Team Payaman Wild Cats outfit are you copying on your next OOTD game? Tell us your favorite look in the comment section. 

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