EXCLUSIVE: ‘Rosalinda’ Star Fernando Carrillo Visits VIYLine Office!

The award-winning Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo, a.k.a. Fernando Jose, of the hit Mexican Soap Opera “Rosalinda” visited VIYLine office in Biñan City, Laguna, last June 11, 2023.

With his fans’ warm welcome, Carrillo has a lot of surprises in store for his supporters in the Philippines.

Fernando Jose Goes To VIYLine

VIYLine Group of Companies, headed by its CEO, Viy Cortez, welcomed Fernando Carrillo in the flesh just in time for his stay here in the Philippines for possible projects.

Viy Cortez, together with his family, Rolando Cortez, Imelda Cortez, Ivy Cortez-Ragos, and Yiv Cortez, and the rest of VIYLine’s ever-growing employees graced for the arrival of the Venezuelan actor last Sunday.

VIYLine Media Group spearheaded the event that allowed ten lucky fans to finally meet, greet, and spend time with their idol. 

Some lucky winners drove to South Luzon to join the fun activities VIYLine prepared for the famous actor. 

The fans expressed their happiness and gratitude after being given a chance to meet their favorite actor up close and personal.

Michelle: “First of all, thank you so much VIYLine! I could not miss this opportunity to meet and greet Mr. Fernando Carrillo. I’m so excited!”

Rachel Madrilejo: “Thank you for coming here to the Philippines. All fans are also looking forward to being with you, so I’m one of the lucky fans to get a chance to meet you.”

Fernando Carrillo’s Projects

You’ll surely see more of Fernando Carrillo in the country as he prepares for more projects in the Philippine media scene.

In an exclusive interview, Fernando revealed that there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Aside from his visit to the VIYLine office, Carrillo has done several TV appearances and is currently cooking something for his supporters worldwide.

He also expressed his gratitude to VIYLine Group of Companies’ warm welcome.

“I love Viyline. I know about viyline since I was in Venezuela. I think it’s beautiful because it’s a family company. I believe that God and family are the most important thing in life. I congratulate Rolando Cortez and his daughters because they have a beautiful company with amazing energy, so congratulations and thank you for the love!” he said.

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