VIYLine Media Group: The Team Behind the Success of Team Payaman Fair

Early this year, VIYLine Media Group (VMG) successfully pulled off the first and biggest summer bazaar featuring the small businesses of vloggers and social media influencers in the country, Team Payaman Fair.

This December 2023, “Team Payaman Fair Paawer Up” is set to make another history not just for VIYLine Media Group but also for the country as one of the most raved and successful events ever.

VIYLine Media Group

VIYLine Media Group operates as a subsidiary of the highly successful VIYLine Group of Companies (VGC), helmed by Viy Cortez in collaboration with her family members, Mr. Rolando Cortez, Mrs. Imelda Tumbaga-Cortez, Mrs. Ivy Cortez-Ragos, and Ms. Yiv Cortez.

This division of VGC focuses on providing unrestricted access to the latest news and updates regarding Team Payaman, the country’s premier vlogger group, led by the renowned YouTube content creator Cong TV.

In addition to digital news, VMG specializes in enhancing the digital presence of potential partners by leveraging various media formats, including online news articles, video coverage, and media partnerships, ensuring exposure to a targeted audience within specified timeframes.

This year, VIYLine Media Group triumphantly organized the grandest summer fair, Team Payaman Fair, which will soon have its leg in different parts of the Philippines.

Team Payaman Fair

Last March 8-12, 2023, held the first-ever Team Payaman Fair that gathered the solid and continuously growing Team Payaman fan base in the Metro. Some even flew just to witness and support the businesses of their favorite vloggers and social media influencers.

Aside from Team Payaman, several big names in the social media industry, such as Toni Fowler, Flow G, Angelica Yap, Rana Harake, and many more, were also present during the said event.

The event garnered an impressive 20,000-foot traffic from the 5-days the bazaar was operating, graced with their fun and enthusiastic participation in the program prepared by VIYLine Media Group.

Aside from the on-ground foot traffic, more than 50 million social media reach was recorded across different social media platforms, which made Team Payaman Fair the most talked about event online.

One of VIYLine Media Group’s intentions for implementing the Team Payaman fair is to level up several businesses’ and personalities’ influence, expand their fan base, and showcase their brand.

The VIYLine Group of Companies subsidiary spearheaded the conceptualization and made Team Payaman Fair a reality.

From the event location, business partners, and merchants to the implementation of the event, VIYLine Media Group is responsible for the most epic bazaar fair in Philippine history.

VIYLine Media Group ensured that Team Payaman Fair attendees would want another wave to meet more of Team Payaman’s supporters and give the pooled influencers and business owners a spotlight for their homegrown business.

Tara na po ulit!

This December, VIYLine Media Group will again make history with the highly anticipated “Team Payaman Fair Paawer Up” scheduled from December 27th to 30th, 2023, at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City.

Bigger and better — this is just how VIYLine Media Group visualizes the second wave of Team Payaman Fair by the end of the year.

More businesses, personalities, attendees, and even prizes are expected on Team Payaman Fair’s second leg to make the Filipino holiday even more exciting and memorable!

The Team Payaman Fair Paawer Up is expected to garner 70,000 attendees across the metro and acquire 100 million online impressions.

For more information, make sure to follow Team Payaman Fair’s official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

For interested merchants, sponsors, and business partners, don’t hesitate to email  or call Karol at +639150536517 to inquire. 

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