VIYLine Cosmetics and TP Kids Kick Off the Biggest 6.6 FreeVIYS Mid-Year Sale!

Time flies so fast, and we’re now in the second half of the year! Let’s celebrate mid-year 2023 with massive freebie offers from  VIYLine Cosmetics and TP Kids!

This June 6, 2023, ready your virtual shopping carts as Viy Cortez gives away exciting freebies for every purchase!

6.6 FreeVIY Sale

During this 6.6 midyear sale, VIYLine Cosmetics restocked on all best-selling makeup products so you can get your hands on its ever-affordable items.

Get a chance to buy your favorite VIYLine Cosmetics item and take home a free Team Payaman Fair official poster!

But wait, there’s more! Every order on June 6, 2023, will also be entitled to 1 random “freeVIY” of any of the following:

  • VIYLine Cosmetics Water-Based Lip Tint (random shade)
  • JRK Dream Crystal Glow Assorted

TP Tints New Shade

In time for the massive mid-year sale, VIYLine Cosmetics will release a new shade that will complete the TP Tints Collection.

TP Tints is a pigmented gel-based tint with a natural lightweight matte finish. It is also proven to last long due to its new formula and consistency.

The newly-formulated TP Tints have an additional shade named after Team Payaman’s Venice Velasquez. The new “Venice” shade has a beautiful and flattering brown color pay-off, perfect for everyday use.

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TP Kids 6.6 Sale

TP Kids will also join the fun in this 6.6 mid-year sale! All TP Kids orders for June 6, 2023, will have 1 random VIYLine Skincare soap for FREE!

If you’re still reading this, this is your sign to add VIYLine Cosmetics and TP Kids items to your cart and check them out immediately!

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