Spice Up Your Self-Care Routine With Clouie Dims’ ‘Miss Clouie’ Perfume

Team Payaman vlogger Clouie Dims recently launched her perfume business “Miss Clouie,” which was also available during the first Team Payaman Fair last March.

With its first four scents, Miss Clouie Perfume is about to change your self-care game, and here’s what you should look forward to.

Miss Clouie by Clouie Dims

Miss Clouie is an up-and-coming start-up perfume business spearheaded by Team Payaman Wild Cat member Clouie Dims.

Clouie initially released four scents, namely Cloudy, Windy, Stormy, and Sunny, that hit the spot online and during Team Payaman Fair.

According to the owner, she started her business out of love and interest in perfumes. She also mentioned that her mom, sister, and boyfriend Jaime de Guzman, a.k.a Dudut Lang, are also into scents.

“Na-inspire ako mag-start ng sarili ko [business] kasi mga tao rin sa paligid ko, and I, myself, is mahilig din sa pabango,” she told VIYLine Media Group (VMG).

Miss Clouie Perfume is an oil-based Eu de Parfum, making it a longer-lasting type of scent. Each bottle has 50mL of product inspired by best-selling luxury perfumes.

“Pinupusuan ko talaga yung pagpili sa mga scents na ‘to kasi una ko pong nilabas is yung apat na scents, and I made sure na sa apat na scents na ito, may nagustuhan talaga ako, and also my friends,” she said.

Clouie added that consent from her dearest Team Payaman friends was also acquired before her perfume line was released.

The business owner also ensures that the perfumes are affordable without compromising quality.

“Yung perfume na ito is hindi namin minadali. Talaga namang binigyan namin ‘to ng sapat na oras bago sya i-start ibenta,” Clouie pointed out.

During her free time, Clouie has been doing TikTok live selling together with Dudut to promote her products. 

“I made sure na yung price natin is very affordable and syempre yung quality andon na ‘yon. Ang target price ko talaga is not more than PHP300.”

Get Clouie-fied!

Whether you’re on the go, a student, or our working gal, Miss Clouie Perfume is the perfect way to elevate your look for only Php 279!

Miss Clouie Perfumes can serve as the best dupe for your high-end signature perfumes but won’t break the bank while keeping you luxury-smelling all day.

Early shoppers and supporters vouched for Miss Clouie and swore by its longevity and fragrance after trying it out.

“Ang ganda ng packaging, very secure yung product and ang bango rin!” a satisfied customer wrote in the reviews.

Another buyer added: “My everyday scent as of the moment! Ang bango ng cloudy infair & long lasting din. No wonder it’s their best seller! Hihi. Mabilis din ang shipping!”

This is a sign for you to get your hands on Miss Clouie Perfume and see what the hype is all about! 

Clouie shared there’s much more to look forward to in her perfume line, so stay alert for more scents coming your way. 

“Syempre, magkakaroon tayo ng scents for men! Abang abang pa kayo ng ibang mga scents na lalabas.”

Make sure to check out Clouie Dims’ official TikTok account to purchase!

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