Kalye Tunes Wraps UP Fair Wednesday’s Night of Hip Hop and OPM Music Celebration

A night of fun and music. This is how Kalye Tunes: UP Fair Wednesday wrapped up a night of hip-hop and OPM celebration on February 15, 2023, at the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus.

Aside from the epic concert, Kalye Tunes celebrated the success of their advocacy to address societal issues Filipinos are currently facing.

Kalye Tunes: A Success!

EMC2 Fraternity of the University of the Philippines Diliman organized the biggest hip-hop and OPM celebration through UP Fair Wednesday: Kalye Tunes, which took place at the UP Diliman’s famous Sunken Garden.

Aside from successfully raising awareness on societal issues, Kalye Tunes was also packed with various local stars in the hip hop and OPM Scene. 

Fiona Bacani, Vince Roque, KR Abalos, and Mench Tiledo, UAAP courtside reporters and a Candy Magazine Rookie led the opening spiels of the event, which made the crowd really excited for the night. 

Kalye Tunes resident host Paris Acedo, Drag Queen Superstar Naia Black, and Internet Sensation Kween Yasmin Asistido hyped up the crowd as Kalye Tunes’ official hosts. 

A breathtaking performance from the UP Streetdance Club added to the hype that is raging among the attendees of Kalye Tunes: UP Fair Wednesday!

And of course, the official line up for this year’s Kalye Tunes event made the night beyond memorable through their on-stage performances that the crowd really enjoyed.

 Unforgettable Experience

Most of the event’s attendees are students from different universities and colleges who drove all the way to Diliman, Quezon City, to celebrate with their favorite music artists.

According to the students, Kalye Tunes became their top choice due to its great lineup of the best hip-hop and OPM artists.

Ron Henley, Al James, and Kiyo were just some of the artists that the attendees were eyeing and the reason for choosing Kalye Tunes.

Aside from the attendees, food and souvenir concessionaires were also present to cater to the attendees’ needs and provide them with the best UP Fair experience.

Major sponsors such as Sucere Foods Corporation, AB Surveying and Development, Eplayment, Macbeth, NESTEA, and Summit Water were also present to take part in the event. 

See you next year!

Surely, Kalye Tunes: UP Fair Wednesday’s organizers will store a lot of surprises that people should look out for next year. 

The team behind the successful Kalye Tunes: UP Fair Wednesday extended their gratitude to those who made the event a memorable one!

This wraps up the biggest hip-hop and OPM celebration of UP Fair 2023. The team behind the said event extends their gratitude to their sponsors, media partners, and the attendees who made the night memorable.

For more exciting events and announcements, don’t forget to follow Kalye Tunes: UP Fair Wednesday’s official Facebook page! See you again next year!

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