Philippines Tops Internet Users Who Stream Vlogs on Social Media

Content creators in the Philippines, like Team Payaman, have found a career in the vlogging industry. The Filipino audience loves watching vlogs, making them the top internet users who stream vlogs on different social media platforms. 

In a 2023 Global Digital Report by Melt Water and We Are Social, the Philippines made it to the top of the list of people who spend most of their time streaming vlogs or YouTube content globally.

Vlog Fanatics

The said study covered people ages 16 to 64 who watch vlogs weekly or during their free time. 

As a result, 55.6% of the Philippine population was found to be watching several vlogs most of the time. Indonesia follows the list with 33.3%, and Taiwan garners 33.2%.

On the other hand, the Philippines was also named as the top internet users who play video games on various devices, stream TV content, and watch online videos as learning sources.

The study also shows Filipinos have the third most number of hours spent on the internet using any device, with 9 hours and 14 minutes of usage, respectively.

Source: GMA News

Top YouTubers in the Philippines

Given the statistics, some vlog personalities surely made their way to the hearts of the top vlog watchers, a.k.a the Filipinos. 

With over ten year-expertise in vlogging, netizens’ love for the one and only Cong TV still reigns up to this date, especially now that the said content creator has reached different milestones in his life.

Lincoln Velasquez’s trending videos, even those from two or three years ago, would often resurface on the internet because of the content’s quality.

Recently, YouTube Philippines hailed the Team Payaman headmaster as one of the Top 10 Philippines Top YouTube Creators. 

The study was based on the number of hours people spent watching the content creators’ videos on the said video-sharing application. 

On the other hand, Cong’s longtime girlfriend and fiance, Viy Cortez, also received recognition from YouTube Philippines for hitting the 5-million views mark on her vlog entitled “ZEUS.”

It is no wonder Cong TV, Viy Cortez, and the rest of Team Payaman add up to why Filipinos find watching vlogs therapeutic and a great way to spend most of their time.

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