Cong Clothing’ Team Payaman Day Ones’ Collection, Sold Out in Two Hours

Just in time for the anticipated birthday celebration of legendary YouTube content creator Cong TV, comes a new collection of statement shirts from his clothing line, Cong Clothing.

The Cong Clothing team announced the surprise Cong TV birthday release last Oct. 21, and here are some of the good things you shouldn’t miss!

Cong TV Birthday Release

Once again, Cong Clothing released a special collection in time for Cong TV’s 31st birthday celebration on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022. 

The limited edition collection is called “Team Payaman Day Ones,” which serves as a token of gratitude for the so-called ‘day ones’ or the OG supporters of Team Payaman.

In an exclusive chat with Cong Clothing co-founder Awi Columna, he shared the story behind the said collection.

“[Ang collection ay] bilang pasasalamat na rin sa mga ‘Day Ones’ na halos kasama na nila si Cong simula umpisa hanggang sa pagtanda,” Columna told VIYLine Media Group (VMG).

Aside from the kind gesture, Columna also stressed that the shirt symbolizes Cong TV’s initiative to organize his birthday party for the first time, which even his OG fans witnessed.

“Regarding po sa design, yun yung mga logo/design na nirelease ng Cong Clothing simula umpisa. Pinagsama-sama namin sa isang shirt,” he added.

The Team Payaman Day One’s collection features a distinct design in four different colors; black, white, orange, and maroon.

Sold Out in 2 Hours

After its official pre-order release on Oct. 21, fans immediately wiped out Cong Clothing’s birthday release in just two hours!

Aside from the fact that the pieces are limited edition, it only shows that a lot of ‘Day Ones’ want to show their support to the one and only Cong TV.

You can still pre-order some of the colors available and wait for your order to drop on Nov. 8, 2022. 

For more information, sizing charts, and available stocks, check out Cong Clothing’s Official Facebook page. Ready to order? Check out the nearest Cong Clothing resellers within your area. 

Let’s show the world that we’re the Team Payaman Day Ones and rock them out with the latest Cong Clothing: Cong TV Birthday collection. Order yours now!

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