VIYLine 10.10 Mega Shopping Day: The Ultimate Shopping Guide You Shouldn’t Miss

‘Ber’ months are here, so why not celebrate the holiday season as early as now? Get your virtual shopping carts ready as VIYLine Cosmetics and VIYLine Skincare gives you MEGA discounts, MEGA deals, and MEGA surprises this 10.10 Mega Shopping Day.

Stock up on your holy grails and score up to 30% to 50% off on your favorite VIYLine items! 

VIYLine Media Group (VMG) once again curated a shopping list to give you a seamless shopping experience. Ready to hoard your VIYLine essentials? 

Mega Item 1: VIYLine Skincare

While the holidays are about the season of giving, one must not forget to spoil themselves with the best skincare products in town.

Don’t fret; you can now try or at least stock up on your holy grail skincare products, as VIYLine Skincare items are up for up to 30% off. 

Search for the nearest VIYLine Skincare distributor within your area to avail your favorite skincare items at a lower price!

Diamond Glow Kit Set – Php 419.30

  • DG Kit Toner – Php 139.30
  • Exfoliating Soap – Php 104.30
  • Day and Cream – Php 104.30 each

Underarm Whitening Kit – Php 314.30

  • Whitening Mist – Php 209.30
  • Underarm Cream – Php 122.50
  • Underarm Scrub – Php 105.00

Diamond Glow Lotion – Php 273.00

Ivory Instant White Lotion – Php 273.00

Instant White Soap – Php 126.00

Peeling Soap – Php 98.00

Kojic Soap – Php 84.00

But wait, there’s more! Aspiring entrepreneurs can finally start their own skincare business only with VIYLine Skincare.

VIYLine Skincare offers its Distributor Package for only PHP20,000. Once you avail of the said package, you also get PHP5,000 worth of products for free!

PHP20,000 worth of initial capital can guarantee a good return on investment for up to PHP28,674.00 (as per SRP).

Hurry and VIY one of us! Secure your slot as early as now as the offer is available for a limited time, ending on October 19. Message VIYLine Skincare’s official Facebook page to know more.

Mega Item 2: VIYLine Cosmetics

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your makeup stash as VIYLine Cosmetics will also hold its monthly sale with deals up to 50% off!

If you missed last month’s sale, take this time to try or restock your Viy Cortez-approved and most used makeup products. Know why people rave about these makeup items on social media platforms and see why it’s worth the hype.

NEW! Lip Potion – Php 199

  • Baby
  • Kidlat

Team Payaman HD Matte Tints – Php 69

  • Cong
  • Viy 
  • Junnie 
  • Vien
  • Keng
  • Pat
  • Yow

Aqua Cream by VIYLine Cosmetics – Php 199

  • Athena (new shade!)
  • Thalia (new shade!)
  • Awra
  • Baninay
  • Michelle Dy
  • Sachzna
  • Zendee

Angel by VIYLine Cosmetics

  • Winged Style Stamp – Php 249
  • Eyebrow Styling Soap – Php 199
  • Tinted Lip Gloss – Php 199
  • 3-in-1 Multi-Use Cream – Php 199

Stained Glossy Balm – Php 149

  • Maroon
  • Plum
  • Red
  • Pink – Php 99

Cong Baka Naman Lip Dip – Php 199

  • Will
  • You
  • Marry
  • Me

3-in-1 Multipot – Php 199

  • Cookie
  • Cheesecake

Other Products:

  • VIYLine Duo Eyeliner – Php 199
  • VIYLine Scent Eau De Parfum – Php 299
  • Team Payamansion Eau De Parfum – Php 1,099
  • Team Payamansion HD Matte Tints – Php 499 

Mega Budol? G!

Mega Budol? Sign us up! This is your sign to purchase and join VIYLine Skincare and Cosmetics’ Mega Sale of the year.

Add to cart as early as now and check out your favorites at exactly ’12 midnight on October 10.

Head on to the official Shopee, Lazada, Tik Tok Shop, and VIYStore accounts of VIYLine Cosmetics and message the authorized resellers at distributors in your area. Don’t forget to follow VIYLine Cosmetics at VIYLine Skincare’s official Facebook pages so you won’t miss any announcements. 

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