Behold Beautie: A Game Changer in the Philippines’ Beauty and Wellness Scene

With the number of beauty and wellness products available in the market, how do you choose the best and right one for you? Beauty experts would always advise the ones that also boost your health from within, and this is exactly what Behold Beautie has in store for the Filipino market. 

Behold Beautie was launched in October 2021; three months after, they introduced the Akarui Food Supplement, perfect for all beauty and health enthusiasts. Last May 2022, they added an Intensive Whitening Beauty Bar that guarantees glowing skin results in just seven days.

According to its CEO, Ms. Kristine Hung, the beauty and wellness start-up aims to boost consumers’ confidence and promote overall health benefits. The company also takes pride in high-quality ingredients that they have formulated and made available for a very affordable price. 

Akarui Food Supplement

Behold Beautie’s Akarui Food Supplement is made all the way from Japan, which is known for its advanced whitening technology. Hung said the company believes that beauty should come from within; that is why they target to help consumers achieve glowing skin by combining 14 active ingredients to combat aging and achieve a natural glow. 

While each Akarui capsule contains 475 mg of free-form Glutathione, Hung said the supplement goes beyond skin whitening effects. It is also infused with other active ingredients like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Probiotics, Sodium Ascorbate, B Vitamins, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Methionine, and more to boost our immune system.

For only Php 1,150, you get yourself 60 capsules with the following health benefits: 

  • Brighter, glowing, and radiant skin
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Skin hydration
  • Reduced signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces skin damage caused by sun exposure
  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Promotes hair and nail growth
  • Promotes digestive health
  • It helps liver and lung detoxification
  • Better sleep
  • It helps ease mental stress

For better results, consumers 18 years old and above can take the Akarui Food Supplement twice a day. 

Check out the feedback of those who are already enjoying the benefits of this new health and wellness holy grail:

Intensive Whitening Body Bar

Behold Beautie prides itself on another game-changing skincare product, the Intensive Whitening Body Bar. This all-in-one whitening soap is perfect for those aiming to achieve milky white, healthy, and glowing skin in as fast as seven days!

For only Php 199, it can target multiple skin imperfections like dead skin cells, scars, dark spots, bacne (back acne), and uneven skin tone in underarm and bikini areas. On top of that, the new Behold Beautie soap promotes smoother skin texture, skin rejuvenation, and cell renewal.

Meanwhile, Hung revealed that the company is currently developing a new facial soap and body scrub, which will surely earn a spot in your skincare regimen. 

Product Bundles and Reseller Program

Both Akarui Food Supplement and Intensive Whitening Bar are available in Behold Beautie’s official Shopee store. If you wish to get the best of both worlds, you can get a bottle of Akarui and one bar of soap for Php 1,300, and Php 2,300 for two bottles of Akarui and one free body soap. What a sweet deal, right?

Aside from changing the beauty scene, Behold Beautie also aims to provide a source of income to aspiring business owners. Behold Beautie offers the following reseller and distributor packages.

These Akarui reseller and distributor packages are on sale from July 1-15, 2022. It only means that you can start your own business for half of the above-mentioned capital! 

Currently, there are existing resellers and distributors in Metro Manila and other Luzon areas. They are looking for more hardworking individuals to join their team, specifically within Calabarzon, Camanava, Visayas, and Mindanao. If interested, feel free to contact them at their official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. 

Don’t miss the chance to try these remarkable products and see life-changing results not just for your health, but also for your overall wellness.

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