Must-Have Kikay Kit Items for Students

It’s finally back-to-school season, and we can’t get enough of every student’s eagerness to finally face their classes off-screen after being homeschooled for almost two years!

Since the two-year-long quarantine made us attentive to our hygiene, skincare, and makeup routines, it would be a big adjustment to curate one’s kikay kit to use this back-to-school season.

Don’t fret, we’re here to give you the list of items you must include in your kikay kit for everyday use in school. 


Who wants to get infected while finally hanging out with your friends and classmates? No one! That is why disinfecting alcohol should never get off this list to protect yourself from germs and viruses. 

Bringing a small spray bottle is enough to use for the whole day, plus it can fit your cute hygiene pouch.  

Aside from being a preventive measure against the COVID-19 virus, a study by Heli Desai proves that using ethyl alcohol is recommended as a substitute when water and soap are not available. 


Following Mahoney Dermatology Specialists’ write-up, sunscreen is an essential tool in protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays of Mr. Sun.

Even on the gloomiest days, it is still recommended to put on sunscreen to prevent further skin conditions such as discoloration and, worse, skin cancer. Remember to check if it has SPF 30 or even higher to ensure that your skin is protected.

Make sure to make space for sunscreen (even the tiniest ones!) on your vanity kits to ensure that you’ll be able to reapply every few hours to let your skin absorb protection.


A scent, just like looks, can often be deceiving! Now that we’re all covered with face masks, impressions are now solely based on one’s scent.

Don’t forget to incorporate even the tiniest perfume or cologne bottle that could fit your kit so you can spray your signature scent anytime you want to freshen up. 

Eyebrow product

Because as they say, KILAY IS LIFE

Whether going to school, running an errand, or simply going to the mall, your kikay kit must leave everything behind except your eyebrow tools!

Since going back to school is quite tiring, sweating up would be girls’ number one enemy as it will make their makeup go cakey, and we don’t want that!

Luckily, eyebrow soaps save the day. Ladies’ eyebrow game is kept strong, and no amount of sweat can mess it up!


Life without colors is simply dull. Girls spice up their looks by adding colors using blush, eyeshadow, lip color, name it!

However, no one wants to bring a whole bag with a bunch of makeup products. It’s such a hassle, right? That’s when multi-use products get into the scene. Ladies can now bring a single product that can be used for cheeks, eyes, and lips. 

When shopping in-stores and online, opt for multi-purpose products to save time, money, and of course, a space in your kikay kit!

Complete your kikay kit without the hassle!

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