Huwag Palampasin: Netizens’ Funniest and Wittiest Reactions to #lifetimeadVIENturewithJUNNIE

Behind every touching comment and post are the wittiest and funniest reactions of netizens to Junnie Boy and Vien Iligan-Velasquez’s wedding POV (point of view) vlogs.

On April 6, 2022, Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Velasquez Jr. shared their much-awaited wedding vlogs on YouTube.

But even before the tear-jerking vlogs were released, various comments and reactions, including the funniest ones, also became a trend on social media.

Let the VIYLine Media Group (VMG) show you the funniest comments we’ve collected across all our social media posts and exclusively share them with you. 

Junnie Boy’s trending ‘Nga Nga’

During the reception program, the newlyweds performed several traditions as part of the whole wedding festivities. One of which is their first time sharing food as husband and wife. 

The intimate moment became an instant meme as our groom, Junnie Boy, always has his way to make every moment comical without even trying.

A photo of her bride, Vien Iligan-Velasquez, sharing a cake while Junnie’s mouth wide open garnered a lot of funny comments and reactions.

Mary Grace Lopez Gao: “Panglaban talaga bunganga ni Junnie Boy! Sana all gifted. Congrats!”

Michael Dimafelix: “Meryenda sabay hapunan na yung subo mo Junnie.”

Quell Urcia: “Yung wedding cake tatlong subo lang kahit good for 30 pax!”

Nichole Cabahit: “Feel ko, kakasya rin yung mga kandila HAHAHA!”

Memes overload!

Of course, a Team Payaman event will never be complete without a meme-worthy moment. 

The gang’s very own Anthony Andrada a.k.a Yoh/Waldo will not let the day pass without posting his witty entry during the wedding.

In a tweet, Yoh shared a photo of the newlyweds, all smiles up, ready for the camera.

However, their 3-year-old son, Mavi is standing behind his parents as if hiding him from the frame, which Yoh finds funny (and cute!).

@ynooooh: “Yung tinago ka muna ng magulang mo haha #LifetimeAdVIENturewithJUNNIE”

The tweet likewise garnered comments and reactions from Team Payaman supporters, making the post trending across social media.

The Legendary Groom’s Tears of Joy

And of course, the much-awaited reaction of the groom as his bride walks down the aisle. 

For some, it’s just a normal and touching occurrence. But for Junnie Boy, his touching photo went viral online and was supported with the wittiest comments. In a Facebook post, Junnie Boy’s photo also received a lot of “laugh” reactions.

Melissa Gonzales Enriques: “May trust issue na pag yung groom umiyak sa kasal.”

Mary Fe Sanchez Relecio: Hindi naman tatalab yung sumpa pag kita [yun] gilagid”

Context: People online believe that most guys who cry while their brides are walking down the aisle will eventually cheat. Ironic right? (Well, this is based on several celebrity couples who recently got married and eventually fall off due to alleged infidelity.)

These are just some of the funniest posts, comments, and tweets we’re able to cater and we’re still waiting for more! 

Still on a “wedding high?” Watch Junnie Boy and Vien’s wedding vlog below:


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