JRK Dream Crystal Glow by VIYLine, pinipilahan!

Earlier this week, Viy Cortez announced that JRK Dream – Crystal Glow will now be available on VIYLine’s shopping platforms. 

The JRK Dream Crystal Glow collagen drink contains 5,000MG Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen with multiple health benefits.

Retails for only PHP349 to PHP379; the product surely won’t break the bank! You can see the product for yourself by ordering at VIYLine’s Official Shopee and Lazada accounts.

Ang daming benefits!

Aside from being KETO friendly, the Crystal Glow collagen drink also has a lot of health benefits.

The JRK Dream – Crystal Glow by VIYLine helps with the following:

  • Weight loss 
  • Prevent signs of aging
  • Help remove blemishes
  • Reduces sunburns
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Have anti-cancer effect
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Prevents cataract
  • Acts against influenza
  • Regulates blood circulation

With its numerous benefits, it is no wonder why the ladies of Team Payaman commit themselves to add the Crystal Glow to their daily routine.

There are a lot of flavors to choose from! Craving for a specific flavor? Worry no more because Crystal Glow got you!

The Crystal Glow Collagen drink is available in three flavors for you to enjoy:

Tiktok Budol!

Different TikTok reels about the effectiveness of Crystal Glow have been circulating online, encouraging curious netizens to try the product themselves. 

“Nabudol ako ng malala ni Khakha nung napanuod ko vid niya sa Tiktok kaya napa-checkout agad ako. Sana effective sa akin” says a first time user of the JRK Crystal Glow. 

Another fan exclaimed, “Pagkakita ko sa TikTok mo Ms. Viy, auto check out na ako! Haha! Let’s see kung effective.” 

In Viy Cortez’s latest Instagram Story entries, she revealed the current situation of the VIYLine Team in line with the surge of orders right after the announcement of the product availability.

“Ang aga aga di magka-mayaw sa pagbalot ng order nyo!”

“Grabe kayo! Inubos nyo ng dalawang araw ang stocks ko.” 

These were just the lines the 25-year-old CEO said to contain her excitement for the Crystal Glow hype.

Still not enticed? Why don’t you try and see the results for yourself to see why people on TikTok and other social media platforms rave the all-new Crystal Glow by VIYLine!

The JRK Dream — Crystal Glow by VIYLine retails for PHP349 (Lychee Juice) and PHP379 (White Chocolate Mocha/Caramel Macchiato Coffee).
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