5 Reasons Why Viy Cortez is the ULTIMATE GIRL BOSS of this Generation

Running a business during the pandemic is indeed challenging. From sourcing the supplies, marketing the products, and compensating with the employees, it is evident that there is no shortcut to success. 

However, Viy Cortez, queen of her own empire at VIYLine Group of Companies, with all determination and commitment, flew high and brought the business to the spotlight. It is now wonder why fans see the vlogger-turned-entrepreneur as the ULTIMATE GIRL BOSS OF THIS GENERATION, and here’s why: 

Work, work, work si buntis!

According to Viy’s recent social media post, she met with her employees to strategize their future promotions and products that will surely excite their loyal customers, or should I say the Viviys?

Despite the pregnancy blues, Viy Cortez still visited her office to check up on her employees and how they dealt with the surge of orders for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. 

“Back to work,” Viy captioned on her comment showing the netizens as they are conceptualizing their plans for the VIYLine Group of Companies

She’s a hands-on CEO

After being at home during the first trimester of her pregnancy, our beloved CEO finally came back to work as she facilitated and supervised the latest photoshoot for her baby brands VIYLine Cosmetics and VIYLine Skincare. 

With the caption, “Unang trabaho ni buntit,” we can truly see that Viy ensures the progress and growth of her business regardless of her pregnancy. 

The face of VIYLine

Despite being at home, the VIYLine’s Queen Bee still managed to market her products online. No words can describe her dedication to selling her products by using her platforms to do so. 

Moreover, Viy Cortez served as the face of the business, together with other Team Payaman Girls, who encouraged women (and women at heart!) to be confident in their own skin, embodying a true blue Dalagang Filipina. 

A brilliant yet humble CEO

In her social media post on Jan. 26, Viy expressed gratitude after receiving a token of recognition for her exemplary skills in managing the VIYLine Group of Companies. 

From Viy Cortez Facebook page

This recognition isn’t enough to show how much people adore her dedication and hard work, not just for herself but for the employees to make a living. 

Viy Cortez is evidently an intelligent business owner, yet she still keeps her feet on the ground, making her stand out among other CEOs.

She’s a woman of kindness

The soon-to-be-mother didn’t only establish the business for herself, but she also wanted to be the source of help for everyone amidst the pandemic. 

Having this in mind, the CEO offers to resell options (provincial and city distributor, reseller) that entrepreneurs can avail themselves of at an affordable price to help them acquire a source of income.

Ms. Viy is aware that life has been tough lately. That’s why she decided to create a partnership with different sellers nationwide to help them. A woman of kindness and a good heart indeed!

If you wish to be a reseller of VIYLine products, click here


These are just some of the reasons why we should hail Viy Cortez as the ULTIMATE GIRL BOSS OF THIS GENERATION! 

Despite the setbacks and the challenges, the CEO still works even harder while keeping her feet on the ground — making herself an excellent example for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there! 

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