Angel by VIYLine Cosmetics: 4 Game-changing Makeup for Girls on-the-go

Time to mark your calendars and set your alarms!

This coming March 20, Angel by VIYLine Cosmetics, the much-awaited collaboration between two of the best content creators in the country, will hit the e-commerce stores nationwide. 

Viy Cortez and Angelica Jane Yap went all out and made sure that their dream project consisting of 4 new cosmetics products will have you craving more.

VIYLine Media Group (VMG) got the deets for you.

Viy Cortez as Angelica’s fairy godmother

It is already a common knowledge that Viy Cortez, the renowned CEO of VIYLine Group of Companies, has the Midas touch when making gold out of nothing. That is why Angelica Jane Yap is confident in the expertise of her collaborator and friend.

With the guidance and competence of the vlogger-turned-entrepreneur, Angelica conceptualized four unique makeup products that would cater to people who exude personalities like hers: fun, kikay, and cute at the same time.

This product line includes an eyeliner stamp, eyebrow style soap, a 3-in1 multi-pot, and lip gloss. 

Trust and collaboration is the key

Yung trust, mahirap siya ibigay. Viy as my friend, alam niya kung ano ang gusto ko.” 

These values made Angelica choose VIYLine Cosmetics for her dream cosmetic line. Given the vast number of cosmetics brands in the industry, Angelica singled out VIYLine Cosmetics as the only company that made her the captain of her own ship. 

Angelica was also surprised at how her friend Viy came all-out on the production of the product and its marketing advertorials.

The 27-year-old vlogger can’t help but gush, “Feeling ko para akong big star!” when they had the photoshoot for the collaboration.  

The effortless makeup for the tamad girls

As a core idea for the project, Angelica conceptualized the products through her experiences at work, where she has limited time brought by her hectic schedule.

As many women of different professions and jobs have little to no time prepping up for the day, Angelica thought of having a small pouch containing four essential makeup products that can be conveniently brought anywhere.

First is Angel Winged Style Stamp, it is a duo eyeliner stamp that can be conveniently used by working girls who are pressed for time. The stamp promises to achieve a perfect brownish “eye-wing” look like the traditionally drawn ones. 

Next is the Angel Eyebrow Styling Soap that women of all ages would love to have as the product comes with its own spoolie brush. To add up, Angelica’s “Kilay is Life!” product comes with its own packaging, which is all in pink, making it very cute and hoard worthy. 

Also included in the product line is the Angel 3-in-1 multi-pot, which you can use on your eyes, cheeks, and even lips, making the blush very handy as it functions as a multipurpose makeup. To add more convenience to the already convenient product, Angelica also made sure the multi-pot comes with a mirror that users can use everywhere they go. 

Finally, the Angel Tinted Lip Gloss is also included in the collaboration via the special request of Angelica herself. This plum pink lip gloss will make your lips glow and shine when light hits à la Angelina Jolie.

To wrap it up, the collaboration between the two creative content creators produced convenient makeup products that their followers, patrons, and the public would enjoy trying on. 

Angel by VIYLine Cosmetics will be available on March 20 via VIYLine’s e-stores and your nearest VIYLine resellers and distributors nationwide. 

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