VIYLine Skincare and VIYLine Cosmetics’ Fresh New Faces for Fresh New Products!

The cat is out of the bag!

VIYLine Skincare and VIYLine Cosmetics introduce their unique sets of endorsers that would surely captivate your hearts and minds. 

VIYLine Media Group (VMG) walks you through the new set of ambassadors for the skincare and cosmetics line of our beloved VIYLine CEO, Ms. Viy Cortez.

Divine Beauty with an Angelic Heart

Introducing a very angelic and gorgeous woman and a divine beauty of her own right, Ms. Angelica Jane Yap. 

She rose to fame during her stint in ABS-CBN’s noontime show, “It’s Showtime!” Angelica was then popularly known to the public as “Pastillas Girl.”

The sweet and cutesy girl from years ago bloomed as an ethereal goddess whose beauty transcends over time. Angelica is indeed the perfect “Angel” for VIYLine Cosmetics.

This collaboration between Angelica and VIYLine Cosmetics is already written in the stars. 

The collab would definitely encourage women of all ages to embrace their womanhood and achieve their own version of angelic beauty through Angelica’s very own line called “Angel.” 

Mark your calendars on March 20, 2022 as VIYLine Cosmetics bares its new collection, “Angel.”

Fun and Exciting New Young Guns of the Next-Gen

Lo and behold! VIYLine Skincare introduces us to a new set of fresh and fun ambassadors for the dermatologically tested and approved Teens Edition skincare brand.

These youngsters whose careers are starting to take off will surely entice and make us want to be young, fresh, and free.

Out of the four new ambassadors of VIYLine Skincare, we are already introduced to two exciting and enthusiastic individuals whose image fully encapsulates the brand’s essence. 

First off, we have the boy next door of Team Payaman, Igme, and the ever so beautiful sister of Vien Iligan, Vienna

These teens who are active and are full of fuel make sure to take care of their health, inside and out, despite their hectic schedules and activities.

These new ambassadors will surely remind us that young and healthy-looking skin is achievable regardless of our age! Hence, this fresh look is made possible using VIYLine Skincare Teens Edition. 

Stay tuned to VIYLine Skincare’s official social media pages to get a chance to grab this worth it deal this coming March!

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